Banned in its country of origin, this film is a gem that everyone should see – Movie News

Banned in its country of origin, this film is a gem that everyone should see – Movie News
Banned in its country of origin, this film is a gem that everyone should see – Movie News

This film was censored in its own country, and overnight, it was removed from movie theaters. You can watch this masterpiece today on Netflix.

Today is a long weekend Monday, you should take advantage of your free time to watch that movie you’ve been waiting for so much.. In case you don’t have options in mind, some of the premieres coming to Cinemex and Cinépolis such as The Hunger Games: Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, The Marvels either Nefarious: The Devil’s Wordcan be the best way to invest your time on this day off.

If you’re looking for something more interesting, then this highly controversial movie released in 2019 could be next on your list. Like The Exorcist, The last temptation of Christ and The human centipedethis film caused such a stir that it was banned in its own country, leaving viewers without the opportunity to see for themselves if it was as controversial as they said. Although it was a great success internationally, the authorities of the film’s country of origin decided to ban it from movie theaters..

Despite efforts to try to censor its release, the film can currently be seen on many platforms, including the streaming giant, for all subscribers who want to enjoy something different from the rest of their Netflix catalog.. A story that is an autobiographical portrait of the director of her about the experiences of resisting the use of the black veil of Islam, selected to compete for Best International Film at the Oscars (although it was not nominated).

Is about Papichadreams of freedom, the film was a great success in France, while its release was banned in Algeria. Directed by Mounia Meddour, being her debut on the big screen, the film narrates the search for freedom of several heroines, including Nedjma (played by Lyna Khoudri), all in a very specific political context: the black decade. An aspiring dressmaker, Nedjma refuses to accept the conditions of the radicals in her country and decides to fight for her dreams by organizing a fashion show that defies the norm.

A few days after its premiere in Algeria, the film team learned of its cancellation “without explanation”. However, despite those who wanted to censor Papicha, according to Meddour, the film managed to illegally enter the homes of Algerians. With this project, the filmmaker revived wounds that have not yet healed in Algerian society, not to awaken the pain of a country but to fulfill a duty of memory for a new generation.

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