Federico from Denmark “was or is in love” with Genoveva Casanova, according to ‘TardeAR’.

Federico from Denmark “was or is in love” with Genoveva Casanova, according to ‘TardeAR’.
Federico from Denmark “was or is in love” with Genoveva Casanova, according to ‘TardeAR’.

When it seemed that the whole issue related to the alleged meeting that took place in Madrid between Genoveva Casanova and Frederick of Denmark, the queen of the Scandinavian country abdicated the throne and her son once again occupied the covers of the coated paper. The controversial king, already crowned as Federico X, has been the protagonist of part of the latest ‘TardeAR’ program.

More about Genoveva Casanova and Frederick X of Denmark

  • Queen Margaret today leaves the throne of Denmark in the hands of her eldest son, who has always been a controversial loose verse.

  • According to ‘Vanitatis’, the heir to the throne of Denmark and the ex-wife of Cayetano Martínez de Irujo will be the protagonists of a graphic report in the magazine ‘Lecturas’ on November 8.

The journalist Paloma Barrientos said in the last installment of the program that Casanova saw Federico’s coronation from Mexico. But that was not the most compromising information that the collaborator handled. “Now comes the strong part”he warned.

The relationship or friendship between Genoveva and Federico dates back a year. Furthermore, Genoveva, since she is a super nice and charming girl, it may be that Federico was used to more certain coldness. “What they tell me is that Federico was or is in love with Genoveva.”, has revealed. Furthermore, according to Barrientos “at a certain time the Danish court was aware” of the issue.

“It wasn’t like a joke because Genoveva is a very nice girl, a very good person and very loving. What’s happening? “That friendship was, let’s say, deeper a year ago,” he dropped. The protagonist of the story, coincidentally, broke her silence the day after her coronation with an encrypted message on her Instagram account. “I want a great life. I want to experience everything. I want to break every single rule there is. They say ambition is not an attractive trait in a woman. Maybe, but what is attractive? Wait for something to happen?”, he doubted.

Boris Izaguirre: “Genoveva, I think she should have gone”

To add more language to the fire, presenter Boris Izaguirre also spoke about the topic at the tribute concert to the series ‘La Mesías’. “He was very handsome. She, María, was also great. They were all very handsome. I needed other people, but the reign will begin and we’ll see how that goes. Genoveva I think she should have gone“, said the television.

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