From ‘Acrostic’ to ‘You just have to warn’: the musical tributes that artists have dedicated to their children – Music

From ‘Acrostic’ to ‘You just have to warn’: the musical tributes that artists have dedicated to their children – Music
From ‘Acrostic’ to ‘You just have to warn’: the musical tributes that artists have dedicated to their children – Music

There are many times that artists have used their music to express the unconditional love they feel towards their children. Year after year, we discover new songs that artists from the best variety of CHAIN ​​100 dedicated to their sonss, newborns or already of a certain age. Over time, we have witnessed how the most important faces in music have celebrated the arrival of their children with songs that last over time, becoming authentic hymns of filial love. Songs capable of crossing musical borders and generations, touching the hearts of those who listen to them and reminding them of the importance and emotionality of the unconditional love that sustains it.

‘Acrostic’ – Shakira

The artist released this song in the spring of last year. The artist once again reached the top of the charts after smashing all the records with Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53. It is the first single of her new era that she dedicates to her two children, Milan and Sashaand that moved away from his previous compositions focused on his lonely breakup with the former soccer player Gerard Piqué. The small Sasha makes a special appearance, where he demonstrates that he has inherited his mother’s vocal talent.

‘You just have to let us know’ – Dani Fernández

Dani Fernández dedicated this song to little Belize, the result of his relationship with the singer, Yarea Guillén. Dani brings out the most intimate and personal side of him to “As I have told you many times, the only language I am good at is music. Today at 00:00 I sing to you that it changes my life. I composed it a month ago and it is dedicated to my future favorite person. It is not a preview of my new album, it’s just life making its way”, were the emotional words that the artist wrote then. A song that he sang to the little girl, even when she was still in her mother’s womb.

‘My favorite person’ – Alejandro Sanz and Camila Cabello

Alejandro Sanz joined Camila Cabello in this special song in which the muse is his little daughter, Soul. “I dedicated this song to Alma specifically, because she was the only one of my children to whom I had not dedicated a song,” revealed the interpreter of ‘Corazón Partío’. Furthermore, there are many times that he refers to his little daughter as “your favorite person.” For her part, the Cuban woman dedicates this song to her sister, Sofia. Together, they managed to obtain the certificate of Platinum album.

‘Socks’ – Damn Nerea

In this song the band pays tribute to the song ‘Socks‘ of Damn nerea, an absolute compliment to the purity and unique perspective that children have of the world. The song is the portrait of a child who, despite having changed shoes, does not feel restricted by it; On the contrary, he runs freely without worrying about what people will say. This child embodies innocence and authenticity, choosing to see the world in his own way and not according to other people’s expectations. It was one of his sons who asked him to compose a song for him. Jorge Ruiz, captures his vision of an education that, gives us lessons about what we should beinstead of accompanying people so that they can be what they want”.

‘Little big revolution’ – Izal

Mikel Izal wrote this topic in 2015 as a welcome letter to his niece, his great little revolution. Song that became a hallmark of the band, a must-have at their concerts. It is the third single from his third studio album, ‘Copacabana‘, an album with which they consolidated their title as one of the indie bands of the moment. “reaching the sweetest point of the group with this album”, They confessed on one occasion.

‘More than my life’ – Bebe

This very emotional song by the artist Bebe, published in 2015, is part of the album ‘Cambio de Piel’. The artist dedicates this, her most personal song, to Candela, her daughter, who was born in 2010. The singer confirmed her pregnancy during the awards ceremony. Latin Grammy, in 2009, which took place in Las Vegas last November. A girl who came into her life like a beam of light: “Candela has taught me to take life differently, to be happy.” “Although it sounds cliché, being a mother gives you much more strength, much more! Every morning is joy, there is no darkness. I haven’t had the strength that motherhood gives you before. It is the force of the earth, of life itself,” the artist confessed on one occasion.

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