Food poisoning at the La Renga show: the person in charge of the catering company that gave the food to the staff was charged

Food poisoning at the La Renga show: the person in charge of the catering company that gave the food to the staff was charged
Food poisoning at the La Renga show: the person in charge of the catering company that gave the food to the staff was charged

About 250 cases of poisoning were recorded at the La Renga show

The person in charge of the catering company hired to provide service to the security personnel at the recital La Renga, in it Unique Stadium from the city of The Silver, He was charged with food poisoning that was recorded after the event. According to the investigation, those affected would have eaten some “spoiled sandwiches provided by those who were in charge of the food.” It is still unknown if the number of victims could be higher.

Due to the episode, he was notified of the formation of the case Nicolás Nahuel Di María (26), head of OIFE SA., the firm hired by the security company STEWAR CAP to supply food to its employees, sources in the case indicated to Infobae. In addition, the Buenos Aires police seized 66 ham, cheese and chicken sandwiches and two packets of mayonnaise.

According to sources, about 250 employees belonging to the security company that was working at the recital showed signs of intoxication. “The province of Buenos Aires attended to 174 cases, while the Red Cross, almost 90. There were 10 mobile phones and a health tent,” the Buenos Aires Ministry of Health detailed to this medium this Sunday at dusk and highlighted that this prevented hospital guards from being saturated.

Judicial sources later explained that there was several affected people who were transferred to the Gonnet Hospital and the HIGA General San Martín de La Plata. “All discharged, while the rest of the health centers have not yet informed me of the status of the situation.” A patient who was admitted to intensive care signed a voluntary discharge.

La Renga performed this Saturday night at the Único in La Plata

The case is investigated by UFI No. 10 of the judicial department of La Plata, in charge of Carlos Alpino Vercellone. Precisely, the division of Bromatology This Sunday he removed the seized food at the request of Justice during the recital.

From the band’s entourage, they confirmed that several people from the “security company were apparently sick due to spoiled food.” They also said that They have not received “reports of public problems, nor of the production”. For the moment, they will not report the incident because the catering company involved was not hired by the organization of the show.

La Renga show at the Único stadium in La Plata (Courtesy: La Renga Press)

For its part, the Single Union of Admission and Permanence Control Workers of the Argentine Republic (SUTCAPRA) released a statement in which they reported that this Saturday afternoon, “Admission and permanence control workers showed signs of poisoningincluding two union delegates of the organization, presumably after consuming food supplied by a catering company hired for the event.”

They also estimated that they would be affected, at least, “150 workers” and they explained that SUTCAPRA “made itself available to Justice” to demand “urgent clarification of what happened.”

Meanwhile this Saturday night La Renga gave one of the most innovative shows in its artistic history. With a 360° stage and even a rotating drum set, More than 400 people took part in the scenic assembly, which began 14 days ago.

This is how La Renga sounded this Saturday at the Único stadium in La Plata (Courtesy: La Renga Press)

The funny thing is that it all started with an idea on a small sheet that Gabriel Goncalvesthe band’s manager, gave Jose Palazzo. “Everything was born on a napkin from fat Gabi, as soon as he told me this madness, I told him: ‘I’m on.’ “They already had their idea, they worked on it as a band, and here in La Plata they welcomed us with open arms,” ​​the renowned producer, who has worked with the group since 2002, began by saying in a chat with Teleshow.

One of the most emotional moments of the night was the tribute to Javier Martínezgroup leader Manal, who died on Saturday afternoon. The band performed the song “No pibe” and the stadium erupted in applause. “He is our teacher,” he said. Chizzo Napoli before beginning to sing the verses of the legendary rock group.

Before 50 thousand people, the band, which took the stage through a catwalk with a three-wheeled motorcycle, presented its three new songs, which are part of the film Totally possessedwhich premiered last March.

La Renga was presented with a 360° stage (Courtesy: La Renga Press)

“Ese Lugar de Nowhere”, “Buena Ruta Hermano” and the brand new “La Banquina de Algún Lado” made the audience explode. After his historic presentations with four Racing stadiumsthe band took their tour to the city of diagonals to say goodbye Off the gridhis latest album.

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