When does ‘Jinx’ season 2 premiere? Everything we know about Mingwa’s BL manhwa | Asian culture

When does ‘Jinx’ season 2 premiere? Everything we know about Mingwa’s BL manhwa | Asian culture
When does ‘Jinx’ season 2 premiere? Everything we know about Mingwa’s BL manhwa | Asian culture

‘Jinx’ was first released in 2022. Photo: Lezhin/Mingwa composition

‘Jinx’ released its 53rd episode as part of the end of its first season. This uncensored BL manhwa has captivated readers with the relationship between boxer Jaekyung and Kim Dan, his therapist. The author, Mingwa, decided to take a break before starting the second part, which promises to continue the story that left followers shocked by the drastic decision made by the young doctor.

The Eastern Readers manhwa BL They expressed their surprise on social networks due to the outcome of this story and hope that the chapters of season 2 will arrive soon.

When does the second season of ‘Jinx’ come out?

The author of ‘Jinx’ He announced that he will take a break before resuming the episodes of the second season. With the release of episode 53, the Korean author finished the first part of this boyslove story. So far, an exact date for the return of the BL manhwa has not been announced. However, on social networks it is believed that it could follow the same course as her previous work, ‘BJ Alex’, which had a 6-month hiatus in 2020, before releasing its final season.

In the case of ‘BJ Alex’Mingwa published more than 80 chapters from August 17, 2017 to August 7, 2020. Readers hope that ‘Jinx’ will soon release its season 2 episodes with more exciting boyslove story moments.

‘Jinx’ Photo: Lezhin/Mingwa

Where to read the full episodes of the first season of ‘Jinx’?

Although the series originates in South Korea, the episodes are also available for viewers in Latin America through the platform Lezhin ES. To enjoy them, you need to register and create an account on said platform, and then search for the name of this comic. On this platform, users will find a wide selection of BL manhwas.

Can you read ‘Jinx’ for free?

It should be noted that only the first chapter is available for free on the Lezhin legal platform. To access the other episodes, you need to purchase digital currencies or coins, which must be redeemed on this platform.

How did ‘Jinx’ season 1 end?

The first season of ‘Jinx’ concluded with Kim Dan resigning after facing accusations from Jaekyung for not having checked the medications that harmed him in his fight against Junmin. Before leaving, the physical therapist leaves him a letter, in which he apologizes and thanks for the time they spent together. For his part, the boxer reads it with nostalgia and bitterness, remembering the last night they spent together in privacy.

Jaekyung and Kim Dan. Photo: Lezhin/Mingwa

Who are the characters in the ‘Jinx’ mangwa?

  • JaekyungMMA fighter
  • Kim DanJaekyung’s physical therapist
  • Heeseungactor and acquaintance of Jaekyung
  • Hwang Yoon Gunicknamed ‘Papa’, a young boxer who admires Jaekyung
  • Junminnovice boxer
  • Mr. Choyowner of Kim of MMA gym
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