Soledad Onetto returns recharged to Teletrece Central after the birth of her son

Soledad Onetto returns recharged to Teletrece Central after the birth of her son
Soledad Onetto returns recharged to Teletrece Central after the birth of her son

This Monday will be the return of Soledad Onetto to the animation of Teletrece Central. The journalist was away from the news for several months. Channel 13 after the birth of her son Borja, who came into this world in February, but now the host is ready to return to her work.

“I am very happy to return, very excited and I am looking forward to meeting the team and the public again,” said the communicator. In addition, she valued the work of her colleagues in the signal’s press area.

“They have been doing a great job, a job that has been very hard because the news fronts have been open for very long days and there was a lot of informationnews and, in addition, our viewers’ need for information,” Soledad commented.

Arrive with recharged batteries

He also made a special mention for Mónica Pérez, who covered his position in recent months. “I want to thank Mónica, because she assumed the responsibility of Teletrece genuinely and without any type of problem, and that to me It gave me enormous peace of mind to have been able to do my own work.tasks that she has already gone through, so she can only understand it,” he said.

“And I want to thank the entire team who have told me that they are happy that I am returning and that is always motivating and encouraging, and indicates that one is a contribution to their work, so from here we move forward,” he concluded his thanks. .

Although these months away from the screens her priority was her son, Soledad Onetto recognizes that her new facet gives her another point of view in her life.

“Of course it motivates me to return, plus I feel that, with this tremendous learning, which is motherhood, one can contribute more… You can have other points of view and other types of empathy as well.which are very important to acquire over time and with the life experiences you have,” he explained.

“I, in general, consider myself a very empathetic person and I try to put myself in the scenarios, but it is one thing to try to put myself in the scenario of motherhood and women who have been mothers and a very different thing is to live it, to live this which is 100% of your time, 100% dedication and 100% love… a different love and a different look, so I think that is complementary to what I have been experiencing”, the journalist closed.

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