Mother of dead conscript burst into tears

Mother of dead conscript burst into tears
Mother of dead conscript burst into tears

He Franco Vargas casethe conscript who died from mistreatment by the Army while doing his Military Service in Putreremains unclarified after the inaccuracies and inconsistencies that the Chilean Army has given.

This has caused The mother of the 18-year-old young man, Romina Vargas, will begin a tough fight to publicize this case, which caused a national impact.

In that sense, in Mega’s Mucho Gusto morning show, he pointed out that “the only thing I want is for you to please don’t leave me alone, because The Army has completely ignored me. They give an explanation to the media and not to me.”

Despite this, journalist Gonzalo Ramirez began to defend the Army by saying that “you could be in a position to institutionally judge what happened.”

It was at that moment that The woman interrupted him to make it clear that “the Army has turned its back on me.”“They want to blame the children and they know how things were.”

There he got José Antonio Neme. “I don’t agree with what Gonzalo says, excuse me.”but here there are two elements: One, is what happened with Franco on the walk (…) but there are other things later,” he began

That General Iturriaga arrives two weeks later, that he has not made contact with the motherthat does not recognize that there was an error here and apologize for what happened there, those are institutional responsibilities, Gonzalo,” he added.

Misplaced, Ramírez managed to tell him that “let’s not start fighting among ourselves, lower the pile a little. Look, General Iturriaga is also a person…”, being interrupted again by Romina Vargaswho said the following with difficulty, due to his crying.

Not with my son, and not with me, they killed me while I was alive. Nobody has explained anything to me. It wasn’t just my son, more children could have died,” she told him.

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