May new moon: the 4 signs that could win the lottery

The astrology It highlights some of the most diverse qualities that are intrinsic in the depths of people. It should be noted that there are many people who have a deep desire to achieve things and personal achievements. This is a huge ambition to achieve wealth and at this time you will be able to achieve a huge influx of money.

The truth is that this week we will have the presence of a somewhat atypical phenomenon, such as the full moon. This interesting astronomical event is not only a unique visual spectacle, but it can also mean a resounding change of fortune in people’s lives. According to astrology, each sign reacts differently to the influence of the moon. On that occasion, we will analyze the 5 signs They will have a great income of money in the coming days.

May new moon. Source: iStock


This singo You will have a good economic time this week, as you will enjoy wealth in different areas, for example, gambling or the lottery. They will also be notified with an inheritance that will undoubtedly change their lives from the roots.


This is a member of the horoscope that during this week could double or even triple your money capital. The reasons are simple: we are talking about very intelligent individuals who will enter the best projects in order to attract big profits.


We are talking about a sign that is in the middle of the season and the full moon can bring you that change that you have been waiting for so long. You have to make time to continue flowing towards the new plans that existence has for you.

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For this ruler of astrology, fortune will come into your life thanks to incredible professional growth. The truth is that all his silent work is beginning to bear fruit and the authorities will not fail to notice.


This will be a sign that will look very lucky at this time and could become a millionaire. This is because, after obtaining a large amount of money, they will have the agility to double it thanks to investments and games of chance.

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