The house of the famous: Melfi saved Diana Ángel

The house of the famous: Melfi saved Diana Ángel
The house of the famous: Melfi saved Diana Ángel

Melfi wants his team ‘Papillente’ to reach the final in ‘The House of the Famous Colombia’.

This Wednesday, May 8, there was a moment quite stressful, where the companions had to say goodbye to one of the inhabitants. Therefore, several were waiting to see what the public was going to choose. First of allMiguel Melfi, leader of the week ‘The house of the famous Colombia’, saved Diana Ángel going to elimination.

Miguel Melfi saved Diana Ángel

The Panamanian stated that he wants his ‘Papilente’ team reach the final of the reality show on the RCN Channel. Furthermore, since La Segura was nominated, she knew that the public was going to support her and that is why she made the decision to remove the actress from the film. ‘Francis the Mathematician’. She thanked him and started jumping with excitement when she found out that she entered the Top 10 of ‘The house of the famous Colombia’.

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Faced with this, the followers did not hesitate to give their opinion, where they made a comparison with Mafe Walker, saying that she did have the desire to be in competition.

“At least they came as finalists in the leader tests,” “Total Diana and Ornella both of us in a cart for the final”, “So much Diana Ángel as Ornella They drive in this show, they don’t deserve to be in the top 10,” some said.

What happened between Wendy and Miguel Melfi?

During his section ‘It turns out and stands out’ in The House of the Famous Colombia, Wendy He was chatting with the participants about various topics.

The most memorable moment came when it was the turn of Miguel Melfi. Without hesitation, Wendy asked him to take off his shirt before starting the conversation, which sparked laughter on set.

The response of Melfi was clever, mentioning that he had just eaten and was not in his best physical shape at the time. Nonetheless, Wendy couldn’t resist his playful spirit and sat on his lap, which caused even more laughter in the studio. In the midst of the fun, she teased him about her flirtatiousness and even took a cilantro that was in my teeth.

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Published: 2024-05-08

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