Cony Capelli shows in video the ring that her boyfriend gave her – Publimetro Chile

Cony Capelli shows in video the ring that her boyfriend gave her – Publimetro Chile
Cony Capelli shows in video the ring that her boyfriend gave her – Publimetro Chile

After the reality show “Big Brother” ended, Cony Capelli He was able to appreciate the real dimension of his fame and popularity, which has been rising like foam since the confinement began. Being now a figure of the show, His sentimental situation is of broad interest to his fans. and general public.

That is why this Wednesday surprised by showing the ring that his partner, Luis Miguel Castr, gave himor, in a video published on his Instagram account.


The registry consists of the classic ping-pong dynamic, in which a person asks short questions to get quick answersand then repeat the sequence.

“Current sentimental situation”was the first topic raised in the video clip.

“Do I tell you or don’t I tell you? This is infidelity… I’m in a relationship, but they gave me an illusion“, commented the dancer, while raising her left hand to show the jewel.

A Illusion is the ring that two lovers wear from the moment they decide to formalize the relationship, without necessarily committing to marriage.

In general it is thin rings, made of gold or silver, and are worn by both men and women on the ring finger of the left hand.

The origin of Cony Capelli’s entry into “Big Brother”

It should be noted that Cony Capelli, at the beginning of March, recounted the origin of his entry into the Chilevisión reality show, which meant his entry into the world of fame. Contrary to what many probably thought, The young woman was not looking for this life that she now enjoys: she was on the verge of entering university to major in Psychology, being a complete stranger in the entertainment world.

However, he received the call from Suro Solar, who is today his manager. “And he calls me and says ‘hello, you don’t know me, we’ve seen each other there.’ Have you ever thought about entering a reality show?’ And I tell him ‘no’, and he tells me ‘but I think you would do amazing’. And I tell him ‘mm I don’t know, the truth is that she had never thought about it’, and he tells me ‘Look why don’t we try it and see how it goes’”said the ballet dancer.

The story that followed is well known. Constanza thought about it a little and embarked on the adventure. She ended up being the winner of “Big Brother” and today she is a figure in Chilean entertainment.

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