The owners of Marilyn Monroe’s house sued Los Angeles for not letting them demolish the house

The owners of Marilyn Monroe’s house sued Los Angeles for not letting them demolish the house
The owners of Marilyn Monroe’s house sued Los Angeles for not letting them demolish the house

Marilyn Monroe’s former home in Brentwood becomes the center of a complex legal dispute between its owners and the city. (GETTY/REUTERS)

The owners of Marilyn Monroe’s former residence, located in Brentwood, Los Angeles has filed a lawsuit against the city for attempts to turn the house into a historical monument, which has sparked a conflict over property rights and the preservation of cultural heritage. Brinah Milstein and her husband, Roy Bankthey acquired the home in July 2023 for $8.35 million with demolition plans to expand its adjoining residence. However, his efforts were thwarted when the City Council intervened to consider designating the property as a historic-cultural monument, temporarily putting his ideas on hold.

The controversy arose after Milstein and bank received a demolition permit from the city, only to have it suddenly suspended. “He deceived the owners by incurring more than $30,000 in expenses,” they stated in the lawsuit, alleging “illegal and abusive behavior” on the part of The Angels.

This turn of events led the owners to accuse the city of “clandestine manipulations” and “violations of their own codes,” in order to preserve the house as part of the legacy of Monroeas reported.

The late pop culture figure moved into this house in March 1962, shortly before his tragic death in August of the same year at age 36, due to a drug overdose.

The residence, purchased by Monroe for a little more than $75,000, would become her only independently purchased property, marking a new chapter in her life after divorcing the playwright. Arthur Miller. The home, located in the 12305 Fifth Helena Driveis known as Cursum Perficiowhose meaning in Latin is “I finish my trip”highlighting its historical and cultural value.

Milstein and Bank maintain that the property has undergone substantial alterations since 1962. “There is not a single item in the house that contains physical evidence that Ms. Monroe spent a day in the house,” they said.

This opened a debate about the validity of the historic status of the property and the relevance of its conservation or demolition. The lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court On Monday, he accused the city of ensuring a “corrupt process” to favor his desired outcome, in the words of the lawyer Peter C. Sheridan.

He Brentwood Community Councilalong with several area homeowners associations, has endorsed the idea of ​​moving the house so the public can interact with it, with the support of the Authentic Brands Groupwhich controls the assets of Monroe. However, a full City Council vote It is expected this spring to formalize the designation, meanwhile, the owners seek to restore their right to demolish the property.

With accusations of a corrupt process, the owners seek to confront city council decisions that pause the demolition of the property. (REUTERS/Mike Blake)

In addition to the legal dispute, this case highlights the challenges of preserving cultural heritage in urban areas and the balance between private property rights and conservation efforts. Designating the Monroe home as a historic landmark would lead to an increase in tourism and a possible deterioration of tranquility on the private residential street, something that worries Milstein and Bank.

At a cultural heritage hearing in January, Milstein described how tourists often ring the doorbells of houses, requesting entry or offering money for photographs, since the property is not visible from the street.

While the debate continues, the outcome of this lawsuit could set an important precedent in the fight between heritage conservation and real estate development in The Angels.

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