The scandalous information that was leaked about the separation of Flor Vigna and Luciano Castro

The scandalous information that was leaked about the separation of Flor Vigna and Luciano Castro
The scandalous information that was leaked about the separation of Flor Vigna and Luciano Castro

In fact, Facundo Ventura added: “During those last three weeks in which Luciano Castro told Flor Vigna that he loved her, that they had a lot of projects together, he would already be messaging Griselda Siciliani.” “They dated in 2007, they were a couple. The thing is that no one knew at the time. I mean, she wasn’t that well-known, so that romance didn’t have that much impact,” Pochi completed.

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Flor Vigna and Luciano Castro.

“They have lived together. They were looking forward to a family project,” she emphasized. “So, suddenly she tells you that you are the one she loves and two weeks later she is saying that she is in a relationship with Griselda Siciliani…” she continued.

Then, he returned to the issue of the scandal chats: “Florencia Vigna didn’t know that he was being unfaithful. No, she didn’t know. She didn’t know why, in every situation that could arise, she said no. “Florencia Vigna is certain today that Luciano Castro comes out to publicly confirm with Griselda Siciliani that yes, they are in something together. Imagine that until three weeks ago she was telling him that he loved her,” Pochi de Gossipeame closed.

Luciano Castro spoke about his relationship with Griselda Siciliani

Guest at Noche al Dente, Luciano Castro He spoke with an open heart with Fer Dente about his sentimental present and revealed how the relationship with his colleague began, Grisela Siciliani. “We met again on Carla Peterson’s birthday and she suggested we go to dinner, but we have been friends for years and getting to know each other. She is not just another girl, I really like La Tana,” assured the heartthrob.

Embed – Luciano Castro confirmed his romance with Griselda Siciliani

In addition, he revealed that they had not spoken for many years, but now they decided to give themselves a new chance. “We always had many friends in common and those friends, capable, without wanting to, carry and bring,” she said, laughing about how the bond was always maintained even though they were apart.

“When we met again, we didn’t have those talks that we had when we were twenty. Life passed us by… we talked about our children,” she noted with a smile. And she added: “I always liked him and it seems incredible to me what happened to us now that we met again after 17 or 19 years.”

Finally, he revealed what the talk was like prior to whitewashing the romance this week: “Tana told me: ‘If it’s true, we have to give a damn about everything.’ And yes, it’s real. If not, it doesn’t make sense, we’re already big.”

“We thought it was better to tell it and not raise suspicions, because it is not something forbidden. We have to live it as it is, it is something beautiful,” she concluded.

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