Taylor Swift leaves Portugal and secretly lands in Ibiza

Taylor Swift, who had to cancel her international tour due to the coronavirus pandemic, has returned to the stage stronger than ever.

However, her debut in Lisbon has been marked by controversy, especially after learning of the artist’s surprising decision: to spend less than 24 hours in Portugal before heading to Ibiza.

Europa Press

The concert in Portugal did not go as expected. The show was delayed 45 minutes without the artist giving any explanation, which angered the fans, who tore down the fence to enter the stadium. The situation was aggravated due to the intense heat, which caused moments of tension among those attending.

Taylor Swift’s private plane in Ibiza


The adverse weather and the large number of people waiting for the artist increased the public’s frustration. According to several witnesses, the most surprising thing was that Swift did not apologize or explain the reason for the delay, which left many fans upset and confused.

Failure in security control at the concert in Lisbon

Security members tried to contain the crowd, but the task became difficult. Thousands of fans shouted the singer’s name and were willing to do anything to get a good spot on the track. After the concert, Taylor Swift headed to Ibiza, without any known professional commitment on the island.

Meanwhile, the newspaper Daily Mail has received numerous criticisms after the incident in Lisbon. Swift still does not offer an explanation for what happened, which has increased discontent among his followers.

“We were waiting in line for an hour and a half. We got to the stadium and then they sent us outside due to a delay,” said a witness. “There was absolute chaos.”

The organization of the event has also been the subject of criticism. Several people who attended the concert have complained about poor management.

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