Nicole Block accused her father of violence and manipulation in a heartbreaking testimony – Publimetro Chile

Nicole Block accused her father of violence and manipulation in a heartbreaking testimony – Publimetro Chile
Nicole Block accused her father of violence and manipulation in a heartbreaking testimony – Publimetro Chile

The Chilean actress Nicole Block shocked her followers on social networks by publish a video in which he exposed a series of serious accusations against his own father. Within the framework of Father’s Day, Block began his message with a forceful “Happy abuser day”and proceeded to narrate in detail the painful experiences he has lived due to his father whom he pointed out “about crossing all limits” with her.

The actress began her story by contextualizing her mental health situation: “I suffer from bipolar disorder, which is genetic, inherited from my grandmother who is my reference, and by far the person I admire and love most in life. Also, I suffer from BPD or BorderlineBorderline Personality Disorder, which would be behavioral,” he explained.

According to the actress, these disorders are due to multifactorial causes, including “abandonment during childhood or adolescence, unstable family life, little communication in the family, sexual, physical, or emotional abuse, among others. (…) But what generated it? “The moment I discovered the cause, with my medical team, my father stopped paying them because it was not convenient for him to let everything come to light.”said.

After this refusal, the actress began to accumulate a million-dollar debt, which she continues to try to cover to this day. In addition, she detailed a series of sexual abuse committed by her father when she was only 5 years old. Even detailing how the man locked himself in her room with her to have a “movie night.”

The interpreter also explained why she decided to change her last name: “I did it because I didn’t want to bear the burden of an abusive sexist who, when I told him about the episodes of violence experienced by my ex, did nothing. The story is long”he related.

“He used and manipulated my bipolar grandmother”

But that’s not all, along those same lines, Block made another serious accusation against his father: the manipulation and use of his bipolar grandmother, who even in the middle of a crisis decided to take her own life, an occasion that the man took advantage of to seek insurance collection.

“This character believes himself to be an impeccable businessman. He went bankrupt several times, using and manipulating my bipolar grandmother as collateral for his business. In the last bankruptcy of billions of pesos, my grandmother was not feeling well, which made her make the decision to commit suicide,” he stated.

“He and my uncles, in order to collect the life insurance, called a forensic friend who passed off the suicide as a heart attack. Summary. My grandmother’s inheritance, my father passed it into my name due to the debts she had, they would be taken away from her. When I refused to return it to her, she began with a series of strategies to declare me interdicted, ”said the actress.

Actress exposed medical report with injuries

At that time, Block detailed the latest episode of physical and psychological violence that he experienced at the hands of his father this weekend. According to her testimony, her parent hit her and tried to steal her bank password, just after she suffered a car accident. “Instead of asking me how I was, he started with his typical psychological violence.”he pointed.

He even showed a photograph in which you can see the blows that his father would have given him to the face and a medical report of the injuries.

Finally, the actress concluded the video with a painful reflection: “If I am like this, it is because, like many, life has hit me many times. Sometimes the abuser is in your closest circle, parents, stepfathers, uncles, friends of the parents.”.

“I’m sorry but I’m afraid and judge me however you want, this is the life I was given and I am nothing more than this and every day I just try to survive,” he closed with a broken voice.

Nicole Block Nicole Block presented the medical report that would show beatings by her father. Instagram screenshot
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