Bridgerton 3: a love on screen that became a crush in real life

Bridgerton 3: a love on screen that became a crush in real life
Bridgerton 3: a love on screen that became a crush in real life


To the love stories that made it one of the Netflix events, Bridgerton added a new romantic episodealthough this time the crush does not belong to the world of fiction. Hannah Dodd and Victor Alli, the actors who give life to Francesca Bridgerton and Lord John Stirling, Earl of Kilmartin, confirmed between pampering and gestures of complicity that they are dating. The brand new lovebirds thus joined the list they make up Sam Phillips (Lord Debling) and Bessie Carter (Prudence Featherington) and Harriet Cains (Philippa Featherington) and Luke Thompson (Benedict Bridgerton). There will be more?

The romance of Francesca Bridgerton and John Stirling, in the third season of Bridgerton, goes through the altar

The brand new romance that began with the Earl of Kilmartin’s courtship of Francesca Bridgerton and now roams the set of the successful series. To announce the news, the protagonists chose the premiere of the second part of the third season that took place in London. During the red carpet, they not only posed for the flashes between kisses and caresses but they also talked about their brand new bond. “What we like most about our characters is that “They don’t need to be acting”, they told the Cosmopolitan magazine reporter. “And I think that’s beautiful,” she added immediately.

Hannah Dodd and Victor Alli fell in love during the filming of the third season of the series

Sam Phillips, as Lord Debling, an important figure especially in the first part of this season

Bessie Carter and Sam Phillips They starred in one of the first romances known behind the scenes of the series. In fiction, Phillips plays Lord Debling, an aristocrat who aspires to win the heart of Penelope Featherington. Outside of the scripts, the actor laid his eyes on the figure of Carter, who plays Prudence, one of Penelope’s sisters. Although not many details of the relationship are known, it is known that love was born in 2022 and that they already live together, as reported by the English newspaper Daily Mail.

Bessie Carter as Prudence Featherington

Season 3 of the series left Benedict Bridgerton wanting to fully live his freedom in matters of love, but it seems that in real life the actor found his beloved

The charm that Luke Thompson unfolds on the screen through Benedict Bridgerton, fell in love with the fans of the series and someone else: Harriet Cains, the actress who plays Philippa Featherington, who fell at his feet. And the love was reciprocated. Rumors of the romance emerged a long time ago, but gained more strength in January of this year, when They did not deprive themselves of pampering themselves in front of the cameras at the party of a renowned magazine.

Harriet Cains and Luke Thompson, between cuddles and hugs

The series tells the story of the Bridgerton family. Each season focuses on a particular character, who ends up finding his “perfect partner.” The truth is that in the most recent chapters, Penelope Featherington – played by Nicola Coughlan – manages to conquer Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton), the brother of her best friend and with whom she has always been secretly in love.

“Palace romances and gossip return to the service of streaming with new chapters based on the saga of novels by Julia Quinn that, among other eventful issues, will focus on the relationship between Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton,” Netflix detailed a while ago about this season. The expectation of this fictional romance was such that fans of this story even speculated that it would also become a reality, but that did not happen.

Will Eloise Bridgerton be the protagonist of the fourth season or her brother Benedict?

“I have a really specific plan of where we go each season, which is which. Because we have to start sowing (interest) in the rest of the brothers (Bridgerton) and what is happening with them and then push them to move forward (in a new story). The truth is that we have already talked about season 6 or, perhaps, 7,” said Shonda Rhimes, the executive producer of the series, in an interview with Variety.

Among the possibilities that both the producers and the actors are talked about and consulted about, are following in the footsteps of Eloise, Francesca and Benedict Bridgerton, who are the siblings who have yet to spread their wings and share with the followers of this fiction its great love stories.


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