Yamila Reyna gave a list of singles she likes: Boric is there

Yamila Reyna gave a list of singles she likes: Boric is there
Yamila Reyna gave a list of singles she likes: Boric is there

After months of being single, Yamila Reyna is determined to give herself another chance at love and, half jokingly, half seriously, her close circle said that She is determined to find new love online.

Although some thought it was a joke, friends of the woman from Córdoba pointed out that The Argentine feels ready to have a new boyfriend.

Until now Yamila Reyna has had more than one date, even though lThe only thing that leaked to the public was a flirtation with Yoan Amor, whom he met in La Cabaña, from Mega.

“I’m single and enjoying it”: Yamila Reyna had a new date with Yoan Amor

The actress and the singer met again after the intense flirtation they had in “La Cabaña.”

“Single and enjoying”

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On that occasion, Yamila Reyna did not evade the question about her real relationship with the former vocalist of La Noche.

“I’m single and enjoying myself,” responded the former Good Morning Everyone host, who now seems determined to listen to her friends’ advice to find a single person who can truly offer her good love.

In that sense, the protagonist of unforgettable episodes of the Chilevisión series “Infieles” posted a video on her Instagram, where she asks which bachelor they recommend she meet.

“The other day they told me who the best famous singles to meet were,” he said in a video, where he approved names such as Benjamín Vicuña, Alexis Sánchez, Martín Cárcamo and even President Gabriel Boric.

He only retched with Junior Playboy, Javier Miley and Francisco Kaminski from that list that he reviewed in a humorous video.

In any case, close sources say that a new project by Yamila Reyna is coming and that it threatens to become a real media bomb, which will cause people to talk.

In any case, close sources talk about a new Yamila Reyna project coming,

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