Claudia Bahamón finished with a black apron in MasterChef Colombia – Publimetro Colombia

Claudia Bahamón finished with a black apron in MasterChef Colombia – Publimetro Colombia
Claudia Bahamón finished with a black apron in MasterChef Colombia – Publimetro Colombia

Chapter 3 of ‘MasterChef Celebrity Colombia’ On June 21, in its ninth season, and its sixth as celebrities, it left many in suspense, as they were given a mystery box challenge. At the beginning of the edition, the actors Jacques Toukhmanian and Paola Rey with the Olympic champion Caterine Ibargüen, each having an immunity pin, had to organize the other participants by team.

This is how Paola Rey chose Alejandro Estrada, Conny Camelo, Roberto Cano, Víctor Mallarino and Ricardo Henao to the pink team, which worked with Jorge Rausch. For her part, Caterine Ibargüen took first choice Martina ‘La Peligrosa’, Juan Pablo Llano, Camilo Sáenz, Nina Caicedo and Andrés Toro, purple team with Adria Marina. Meanwhile, Jacques Toukhmanian chose Carolina Cuervo, Gabriel Murillo, Vicky Berrío, Brian Moreno and Marcela Gallego for the blue team that was led by chef Nicolás de Zubiría

Nobody wanted them

Meanwhile María Fernanda Yepes, Ylenia Antonini, Dominica Duque and Franko Bonilla were not chosen by any of them, so they had to make the green team which ended up headed by the presenter Claudia Bahamon, who in several seasons has measured herself in some challenges.

However, Jacques Toukhmanian, Paola Rey along with Caterine Ibargüen did not know that they would have to take the place of the chefs, and that they would be the diners who would also rate each dish blindly to choose which of the teams would go up to the balcony and which would become part of the team. part of the row of black aprons.

Jorge Raush’s mystery box came with beef brisket, while Nicolás de Zubiría’s had beef tongue, Adria Marina’s team’s contained beef liver and Claudia Bahamón’s contained beef stomach.

The results

The pink team got 9.6 points and the blue team got 9.1 points so they went up to the balcony. On the blue team there was Marcela Gallego who had a black apron, so after the victory she took it off to join her teammates.

After the evaluations, María Fernanda Yepes, Franko Bonilla, Nina Caicedo and Andrés Toro kept their black apron and were joined by Ylenia Antonini, Dominica Duque, Martina ‘La Peligrosa’, Juan Pablo Llano and Camilo Sáenz, but also the presenter Claudia Bahamon.

“What is this so horrible? This is assumed”

— Claudia Bahamón

Will he do the same as the previous season?

In season 5 of ‘MasterChef Celebrity Colombia’ Claudia Bahamón joined a challenge in which she ended up with the black apron after a bet, then she participated with the content creator Mario Ruiz in a salvation test in which she experienced all the nerves of a participant so upon knowing the result he had passed.

The next challenge is as a couple and will be for salvation, so the presenter could join one of the participants to save herself and get rid of the dreaded apron in the competition.

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