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The German ambassador to Cuba, Dr. Frank Rückert, spoke with government officials of the territory and with students and professors from the University of Sancti Spíritus José Martí

The German ambassador to Cuba visited the specialized classroom of Renewable Energy Sources (FRE) at the University of Sancti Spíritus José Martí. (Photos: Vicente Brito/Escambray).

The German ambassador to Cuba, Dr. Frank Rückert, was received in Sancti Spíritus on a visit whose purpose is to learn about the potential of the province and at the same time strengthen the ties between both nations, as well as the extensive collaboration with the University of Sancti Spiritus. José Martí that dates back several years.

The diplomat was accompanied by the vice governor of the province, Frank Osbel Cañizares, along with officials from International Relations, foreign collaboration and the directors of the Electric Company and the José Martí University, among others.

Dr. Frank Rückert, German ambassador to Cuba.

During the meeting at the Government headquarters, the German ambassador received detailed information on the main characteristics of the province, the economy, local development, the role of new economic actors and beach and city tourism.

“Sancti Spíritus is a very friendly city, with its old, cobbled streets and its statues. We think of it as a tourist potential and the visitor is always interested in learning about those traditional cultures as rich as those present here,” highlighted the ambassador.

The diplomat spoke with government officials in Sancti Spíritus.

Likewise, he was interested in projects regarding Renewable Energy Sources (RES), something in which the territory has been inserted with seven Photovoltaic Solar Parks, which so far supply 12 percent of the demand in the midday peak time with the consequent fuel savings and the long-term forecast is to cover the total of what is required at that time and the change in the energy matrix.

By exchanging with directors and students of the university, the link and potential of the house of higher studies in this type of projects was ratified, which the diplomat was able to corroborate on a tour of a classroom specialized in FRE, an Environmental Engineering and Biogas laboratory , as well as the solar panel areas that the center has, capable of generating energy for all the premises during daylight hours.

As a result of the close ties that the Yayabera university maintains with Germany, a group of students from Sancti Spiritus participated in a study visit financed by the German Academic Exchange Program to the Technical University of Berlin and Eberswalde, an experience that some of the students appreciated. protagonists of the exchange.

The German ambassador in Cuba thanked the dialogue with directors, teachers and students, while reaffirming his country’s willingness to support cooperative relations between universities, with the purpose of training the professionals that the island needs.

The ambassador highlighted the tourist potential of Sancti Spíritus.

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