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They discover a human skull in the Santa Clara garbage dump, authorities clarify

They discover a human skull in the Santa Clara garbage dump, authorities clarify
They discover a human skull in the Santa Clara garbage dump, authorities clarify

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Text: Editorial Cuba Noticias 360

This Monday the discovery of a human skull in a garbage dump in the city of Santa Clara was announced through social networks and, although initially there were rumors that it was a dismembered body, the territory’s authorities clarified the facts.

The profile ‘Fuerza del Pueblo’, associated with the Cuban government, denied these rumors and published a brief note about the events that occurred in the province.

According to what they say, “Internet users from the County of Santa Clara tell us that in the afternoon, they found a human skull in a garbage dump located on Estrada Palma Street in the Latin America District.”

Given the news, the police and experts went to the indicated place, where “many people also came to see what was happening,” the text continues.

The report of the “doctors who know this matter report that the skull was decomposed more than 15 years ago, which could have been removed from the cemetery to be used in Santeria work, an activity that is very common in the County.”

To expand on these results, the aforementioned profile adds that “specialists from forensic medicine and the Ministry of the Interior are working on its identification, with Internet users from the new hospital learning that said skull belongs to a man between 30 and 40 years old.”

They also stated that “facts like this show that we should not give rein to the imagination, without legal bases and specialized personnel.”

For this reason, they ask not to “play into the hands of malicious rumors that only bring anguish and uncertainty, negative feelings that threaten the well-being of the population.”

At the moment, only this information offered by the Facebook profile is known. Although it is rare for the state press to refer to this type of events, the influence of social networks has led to the appearance of this series of profiles in recent times that expand details about similar events that happen on the island and which until then were practically unknown to the majority.

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