“There is a narrative to corner President Petro”

“There is a narrative to corner President Petro”
“There is a narrative to corner President Petro”

Gustavo Bolívar, former senator of the Republic, is not only one of the most visible political figures of the Historical Pact. He is also one of the strong defenders of the achievements of Gustavo Petro’s government.

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Even in times when Many of the president’s decisions do not fall into favor with some sectors of the society.

Issues such as the recent announcement of a possible commercial alliance between Ecopetrol and PDVSA for oil and gas exploration in Venezuela, have not been entirely well received.

Nor topics such as some of the management and decisions taken within the framework of the total peace project and the modifications to the tax rule They have been entirely positive for his government.

However, Bolívar argued that there is an interest on the part of the opposition in downplay the achievements of Petro’s mandatewhile doing everything possible to make its governance more complex.

“There have been mistakes, but I I feel that they have not let Gustavo Petro govern“said the former senator in conversation with 6AM Today.

Narrative against the president

Bolívar assured that President Petro has been the subject of a negative opposition speech from before arriving at the Casa de Nariño.

“Since the campaign they had already created a narrative of who was a communist, guerrillawhich was going to expropriate everyone, kill the media and close the churches”, he commented.

However, “since all that did not happen, plan B came: let’s not let him govern“added the former senator. From his position, Petro’s political enemies have not let him function in his position.

“Since Petro became President They have come day after day with the narrative that it is a bad government“The good news from the country is small,” he commented.

He explained that the reason why Petro holds the most important public position in the nation today is because the citizen discontent He found an alternative in his political proposal.

“The people do not change the Government just because, there was surely a discomfort“, he pointed. The same thing that has been processed, according to him, in a “democratic and calm” way.

However, the opposition’s denounced narrative continues to be the subject of concern for government defenders.

In that sense, in addition to executive work, the Government must support the transformation of perception about the presidentsaid the former candidate for Mayor of Bogotá.

There is a narrative to corner the president and always have it on the defensive. We have two years and eight months left to change that narrative,” he noted.

Accounts staiment

“The country is neither fallen nor bankrupt, as many say”said Gustavo Bolívar about the results at the time of Gustavo Petro’s mandate.

He assured, regarding the macroeconomic studies carried out in the country, that “there no serious or objective analyzes are made”.

“The recession is not only in Colombia, but worldwide. “It is due to external causes such as wars,” he said, pointing out that factors such as Russian invasion of Ukraine It has directly impacted the Colombian economy due to the import of inputs for agricultural production.

On the other hand, he recognized the president’s work on issues such as employmentthe growth of tourism sector and the promotion of agriculture.

He also made it clear that if Colombia is going through a somewhat complex economic momentit is for two reasons that seem to be beyond the reach of President Petro.

The first is that “We are paying a fiscal deficit that they left us and that they want to ignore”. On the other hand, “the State is designed so that everything goes very slowly.”

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