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The president of the Association of Mexican Business Women, Carmen Dena Escalera, called for a careful review of support programs and greater collaboration between the government, business associations and educational institutions, given the need for a comprehensive approach to promote female entrepreneurship in Aguascalientes.
She emphasized the importance of government support for women entrepreneurs, and although she recognized the existence of some programs at both the municipal and state levels, she noted that the demand for women entrepreneurs is increasing.
He highlighted the need to strengthen alliances between the government and business associations to foster an environment conducive to business growth. Regarding the amounts of support provided to female entrepreneurs, he suggested a review and adjustment, stating that, although current programs are useful for initial ventures, they may be insufficient for the long-term growth of businesses. He insisted that the government should consider increasing financial resources and focus on providing additional training to make these programs more effective and sustainable.
Regarding the role of universities in promoting entrepreneurship, he praised the ongoing efforts, but suggested greater collaboration between the educational sector and business organizations to strengthen training and foster a true entrepreneurial vocation among young people.
Finally, she mentioned that, in the case of MEMAC, its management has proposed the creation of a specialized area for entrepreneurs, called “Empréndete MEMAC.” The goal is to bring together women entrepreneurs at different stages of their business, providing them with guidance on how to structure, organize and participate in a civil association.

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