FARC massacre of councilors in Huila is not amnestiable: JEP

FARC massacre of councilors in Huila is not amnestiable: JEP
FARC massacre of councilors in Huila is not amnestiable: JEP

The facts for which the former FARC-EP member was convicted will be sent to the Recognition Chamber to be investigated in Case 10, which addresses non-amnestiable crimes committed by members of that extinct guerrilla.

“For the office, it is clear that these are multiple homicides, completed and attempted, against civilians who were not carrying out combat activities, nor participating directly or indirectly in the hostilities.. That is, the councilors of Rivera (Huila) were civilians who had not lost their protection status against direct attacks in accordance with IHL,” said the JEP.

What is non-amnestiable conduct?

They are serious human rights violations or infractions of international humanitarian law. Due to their seriousness, they cannot be subject to amnesty or pardons and the State has the obligation to investigate them, try them and punish those responsible.

Rivera Massacre

The events were recorded on February 27, 2006, when Azuero Paredes, Arfail Arias, Célfides Miguel Fernández, Desiderio Suárez, Héctor Iván Tovar Polanía, Jaime Andrés Perdomo Losada, Luis Ernesto Ibarra Ramírez, Moisés Ortiz Cabrera and Octavio Escobar González had the misfortune of being surprised, in the middle of a session of the Rivera Council, by members of the Teófilo Forero mobile column, Southern Block of the FARC, who opened fire against the members of the democratic corporation, at the Los Gabrieles hotel.


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