Pablo Lemus arrives 2,500 kilometers from Jalisco, traveled in two weeks

Pablo Lemus arrives 2,500 kilometers from Jalisco, traveled in two weeks
Pablo Lemus arrives 2,500 kilometers from Jalisco, traveled in two weeks

TALPA DE ALLENDE, Jal., November 20, 2023.- With more than 2,500 kilometers traveled in 15 days of pre-campaign, Pablo Lemus Navarro, pre-candidate for the governorship of Jalisco for Movimiento Ciudadano, closed his tour of the Costa Rican region. Sierra Oeste, with meetings and gatherings in the municipalities of Talpa de Allende and Atenguillo.

In Talpa de Allende, the Emecista candidate met with community leaders, after visiting the Virgin of Talpa.

“The first thing we did when we entered was to entrust ourselves to the Virgin of Talpa to ask her to help us on this route. Here it is known as The Pilgrim’s Route, but ours is the route of traveling through all the municipalities of Jalisco, and what better way to do it under the shelter of the Virgin of Talpa,” he mentioned.

In an environment of active participation, Lemus Navarro highlighted the importance of the collaboration of the people of Jalisco to build a more prosperous and equitable state.

“We are here in Talpa de Allende to ask the different leaderships that exist, the people who truly love this beautiful municipality that is the banner of our state worldwide, to give us their trust, to give us their support. . For me, fulfilling our word is very important, and my entire life I have dedicated myself to keeping my word,” said Pablo Lemus.

Subsequently, the orange candidate met in Atenguillo to listen to proposals from militants and sympathizers regarding important issues for the sustainable development of the region.

During the last four days, Lemus Navarro listened to the proposals of Emecista militants, sympathizers and leaders from Puerto Vallarta, San Sebastián del Oeste, Cabo Corrientes, La Huerta, Tomatlán, Mascota; among others.

Since the start of his pre-campaign on November 5 to date, Pablo Lemus has visited 29 municipalities in the state, including Tepatitlán, Cocula, Villa Corona, Acatlán de Juárez, Techaluta de Montenegro, Teocuitatlán de Corona, Atoyac, Ixtlahuacán del Río, Mixtlán, Guachinango, Tala, Tototlán, Atotonilco, La Barca, Valle de Guadalupe, Acatic and Ameca, among others.

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