Huracán Corrientes, Empedrado and Boca Unidos heading to the semifinals

Huracán Corrientes, Empedrado and Boca Unidos heading to the semifinals
Huracán Corrientes, Empedrado and Boca Unidos heading to the semifinals

Three matches of the quarterfinal phase of the Correntina Football League Cup were played on the Sportivo Corrientes field.
Huracán Corrientes needed shots from the penalty spot to leave Sacachispas on the road and get into the semifinals in the game that opened the day of soccer on Monday afternoon. In regulation time it ended without goals and from the twelve steps the “azulgrana” was more effective to win 5 to 4.
Meanwhile, Deportivo Empedrado beat Curupay 3-0 without leaving any doubt and also advanced to the round. A 3 to 0 was the final result with the goals scored by Eduardo Ferreyra, Juan Romero in the first half and César Molina in the complement.
Curupay was able to score but did not take advantage of a penalty kick that goalkeeper Brian Ruiz Díaz saved from Víctor Recalde. The match was the second hour on the Sportivo Corrientes field.
Closing the day, Boca Unidos won, in the last round, they beat Dr Montaña 4-0 with goals from Joaquín Acevedo, Gastón Segovia -2- and Matías Pérez.


Spark Remover: Omar Ramos; Facundo Bravo, Lucas Benítez, Axel Zabala and Juan Monzón; Isaías Merlo, Gustavo Ojeda, Gonzalo Ramírez and Lautaro Penayo; Juan Encinas and Héctor Cáseres Quijano. DT: Pablo Suárez.
Hurricane Ctes: Cristhian Lator; José Escalante, Santiago Lezcano, Facundo Lallana and Miguel Costadoni: Federico Torres, Rodrigo Lannuzzi, Esteban Velázquez and Lautaro Ramírez; Adrián Acevedo and Germán Strillevsky. DT: Diego Pérez.
Changes: ST 11′ Agustín Alegre for L Ramírez (BU), 20′ Nahuel Sosa and Elizandro Solís for H Cáseres Quijano and L Penayo (both S), 40′ Facundo Toledo, Alexis Cañete and Gonzalo Garza for M Costadoni, J Escalante and To Acevedo (all HC), 46′ Cristian Fleita and Gerardo Godoy for J Monzón and G Ramírez (both S) and 49′ Facundo García Bóver for F Bravo (S).
Definition by penalties: G Strillevsky, R Lannuzzi, A Alegre, S Lezcano and F Lallana scored for Huracán. G Ojeda, N Sosa, J Encinas and L Benítez scored in Sacachispas. C Lator saved A Zabala’s shot.
Referee: Nicolás Sosa. Court: Sportivo Corrientes.

Curupay: Alexis Pereyra; Josué González, Juan C Martínez, Edgar Sayago and Jorge González; Edgardo Sánchez, Darío Ramírez, Diego Gamarra and Alejandro Barbona; Claudio Ramírez and Víctor Recalde. DT: Pablo D Cáceres.
Dep Empedrado: Braian Ruiz Díaz; Santiago Solís, Claudio Esquivel, Pablo Almirón and Rodrigo Sand; Juan Romero, Nicolás Ferreyra and Kevin Martínez; Elías Medina, César Molina and José Piñeiro. DT: Julio García.
Goals: PT 20′ E Ferreyra (C), 41′ J Romero (C). ST 21′ C Molina (C).
Substitutions: ST 18′ Francisco Segovia and Oscar Ojeda for E Sayago and C Ramírez (both C); 21′ Matías Lovato for J Piñeiro (E), 25′ Claudio Ávalos and Ramón Gauna for D Gamarra and E Sánchez (both C) and Maximiliano Ojeda, Sergio Barrios and Walter Ramos for N Ferreyra, E Medina and P Almirón (all E) ; 37′ Diego Portillo for J Romero (E) and 38′ Gustavo Fleitas for J González (C).
Incidents: ST 31′ B Ruíz Díaz saved a penalty against V Recalde (C).
Referee: Gerardo Martínez Sandoval. Court: Sportivo Ctes.

Goals: PT 39′ Joaquín Acevedo, 42′ Gastón Segovia. ST 33′ G Segovia, 44′ Matías Pérez (BU).
Incidents: Expelled 18′ Santiago López (DM) 21′ Kevin Morales (BU), 25′ Benjamín Alfonzo (DM).


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