Alejandro Toledo: Prosecutor Domingo Pérez assured that the former president verbally attacked him | South Interoceanic | Barbadillo Prison | PERU

He prosecutor José Domingo Pérez He reported that he was verbally attacked by the former president Alejandro Toledo during a recess in the judicial session for the Interoceánica Sur case. As recalled, this Monday a hearing was held in the Barbadillo prison against the former president for alleged crimes and collection of bribes that would have been made for the execution of works.

“At the time of the break I was subjected to verbal aggression by the accused, Alejandro Toledo ManriqueTherefore, I request that not only the accused himself, the defense, be urged, but as has just been provided, that the prison staff be in this environment,” indicated the prosecutor.

Faced with this impasse, the head of the Second National Collegiate Criminal CourtZaida Pérez Escalante, urged the former head of state to respect the rules of the oral trial and the procedural parties.

José Domingo Pérez reported that he was verbally attacked by Alejandro Toledo. Photo: GEC

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“You cannot address the other party and much less attack people verbally, as the Public ministry “in this courtroom, so for the last time your client is urged to abide by the rules of the oral trial and respect the parties,” said the owner. Perez Escalante.

After the behavior of Alejandro Toledoit was established that, from now on, the staff of the National Penitentiary Institute (Inpe) can enter the courtroom to monitor the investigated person while scheduled activities such as scheduled interrogations and other judicial activities are taking place.

Alejandro Toledo in oral trial. (Photo: Justice TV)

As recalled, this Monday the businessman was questioned Hernando Graña Acuña as a witness in the oral trial against Toledo Manrique for the alleged crimes of collusion and money laundering.

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The Prosecutor’s Office is requesting a sentence of 20 years and 6 months in prison against the former Peruvian president, who is being held in the prison of the Diroesin the district of Ate.

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