They looted a house in Guaymallén and took a millionaire loot

Criminals They ransacked a house Guaymallen and they took a loot millionaire, police sources reported.

He millionaire robbery It occurred this Monday afternoon in a house located on 2 de Mayo Street in that department.

The criminals They took advantage of the fact that the 38-year-old owner was absent from the home and entered to commit the crime.

Mendoza Police. Photo: MDZ. (Illustrative Image).

According to the victim’s own account, he had been gone since 3 p.m. and when he returned around 10:30 p.m. he found the house in disarray and missing work tools, appliances, gold rings and 3.5 million pesos.

For police officers, criminals they would have had a rolled to carry all the stolen objects plus the millionaire sum and then escape without leaving a trace.

Mendoza Police. Photo: MDZ. (Illustrative Image).

Scientific Police and investigation personnel also worked at the scene. The case was left in the hands of the 19th Prosecutor’s Office of Rodeo de la Cruz, Guaymallén.

The prosecution and investigators are awaiting the results of the investigations to advance the investigation and try to find the perpetrators of the robbery.


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