Attention! Taxi fare by 2024 will be 700 pesos more expensive in Medellín

Attention! Taxi fare by 2024 will be 700 pesos more expensive in Medellín
Attention! Taxi fare by 2024 will be 700 pesos more expensive in Medellín

Taxi fares for 2024 will have an increase of 700 pesos in his minimum career, according to what was announced this Tuesday by the Medellín Mobility Secretariat, all because this will go from 6,300 to 7,000 pesos. Of course, the taxi driver must first calibrate the taximeter to be able to access this increase.

This was defined by resolution 202350094180 of November 21, 2023, in which it was also established that the flag will go from 4,300 to 4,900 pesos and the contracted hour increased by 2,000 pesos, going from 28,000 to 30,000 pesos.

The race to the José María Córdova airport, in Rionegro, It will cost 110,000 pesos, when it currently has a value of 98,000 pesos, including the cost of tolls, regardless of which corridor is taken.

The value for every 50 meters traveled will cost 100 pesos, so the modification in this item It will not happen in the economic value, which is maintained, but in the distance traveled, since currently it is charged for 75 meters. The waiting rate for every 60 minutes will go from 250 to 300 pesos.

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So that taxi drivers can make these chargesThey will have to pay 108,100 pesos at the Medellín Mobility Secretariat for transit rights, which can be canceled at the Caribe, Premium Plaza and Sao Paulo headquarters. In addition, they must inspect and calibrate the taximeter, before carrying out the inspection at an authorized CDA so that the sticker that supports the collection of the new values ​​can be attached.

Taxi drivers who charge the new values ​​without completing the update process, They must pay a fine of 522,900 pesosin addition to being subject to vehicle immobilization.

The technical undersecretary of the Medellín Mobility Secretariat, Mauricio Zuleta, stated that this increase in rates It was taken in common agreement with the city’s transportation companies. “These results are the product of a technical study carried out by the Medellín Mobility Secretariat and are supported by the other municipalities of the Aburrá Valley,” he stated.

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In the coming days, the mobility secretariats of the other 10 municipalities of the Aburrá Valley will issue decrees to change taxi rates, all based on what was determined in Medellínas established by a metropolitan agreement that has been in force since 1991. Each municipality only defines the conditions and places in which taxis must undergo the update process.

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