Solar Train tour in Jujuy: caution on Route 9

Solar Train tour in Jujuy: caution on Route 9
Solar Train tour in Jujuy: caution on Route 9

November 21, 2023 – 10:25 By María Florencia Etchart

The arrival of Solar Train to Jujuy underwent some modifications because one of the bridges that crosses route No. 66 has an iron protruding so the formation cannot pass. Now you are on Route 9 heading north.

Caution on the road

After 2 p.m., the Solar Train pairs arrived in the capital of Jujuy and are heading towards the Quebrada along National Route No. 9.

Road Safety asks drivers to be extremely cautious, reduce speed while maintaining appropriate braking distances and keep in mind the signs and instructions of the officers on the side of the road.

How the tour continues

Alejandro Marenco, Secretary of Road Safety of Jujuy explained how the route will continue until reaching the final destination, which is the town of Volcán.

“We had to rethink the itinerary and make a small detour, this generated some alterations in traffic that are now being resolved. Furthermore, that sector of Route 66 is a double lane so you have to have a little patience, it is corrected and you continue,” Marenco explained.


What will the new arrival itinerary of the Solar Train be like?

The Secretary of Road Safety explained that when they enter towards the southern access, the convoy You will have a detour to turn at the National Gendarmerie roundabout and enter through provincial route No. 1“because one of the bridges that has the southern access is not high enough.”

Once you deviate through the Av. Riobamba roundabout where the height margins are sufficient, the formations will return to route 9 towards Volcán.

“The truck measures 32 meters long plus all the vehicles that are part of the convoy, we are talking about a total of approximately 120 meters. That is why we ask for great caution from motorists traveling in the area and a little patience until they reach their destination,” concluded Marenco.

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