Monsters that inhabit Tampico: cryptozoology of southern Tamaulipas – El Sol de Tampico

Monsters that inhabit Tampico: cryptozoology of southern Tamaulipas – El Sol de Tampico
Monsters that inhabit Tampico: cryptozoology of southern Tamaulipas – El Sol de Tampico

200 years after the founding of this beautiful city, Tampico It hides enigmatic mysteries in its territory, among which otherworldly beings and their cryptozoology monsters stand out.

But before, What does cryptozoology refer to? This pseudoscience is responsible for the study and classification of the monsters that the collective imagination creates, supposedly unknown animals that have a large number of sighting reports over time.

Clear examples of this type of finds or discoveries include the mythical Loch Ness monster in Scotland, Bigfoot in the frozen mountains of Nevada and the Chupacabra in the lands of Oaxaca. However, did you know that Tampico Do you have your own list of these types of monsters?

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Tampico cryptozoology

Being legends, these monsters have created a fame that has passed from word of mouth to those who have lived in this Huasteca region for years.

These reports of unreal beings are not a recent thing, since at the beginning of the 20th century there was already talk of a “horse-faced woman” who wandered around the area of ​​Barrio de la Unión and La Loma, in Tampico and Ciudad Maderowhat is known today as the Del Pueblo and Miguel Hidalgo neighborhoods, respectively.

“The woman had a curvy body, with wide hips, black hair that fell to her waist, and a horse’s head, with a trumpet and enormous black eyes,” reads the testimony in the book. “Stories and legends of Tampico”, by Francisco Ramos Alcocer.

From giants to nahuals there are also

In addition to these beings hybrids that have kept the town in panic, for a time there was talk of sightings of supposed giants in the area, specifically in the area of ​​the breakwaters, where different internet users came to tell their stories of these unusual encounters.

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“I saw them rise and emerge from the water slowly, as if they were waking up from a long sleep. When they finally stood up with their big hands, they threw water as if they were applauding. It was something incredibly sensational,” he details. Gregory Quintero in a Facebook post where he relives this story that happened to him 50 years ago.

At the time of the 50s and 60s, It was believed that in the surroundings of the Chairel lagoon the presence of a man who turned into an animal was recorded, classifying him in the collective imagination as the case of a nahual observed in Tampico, although it was not unique.

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Recently, in one of the colony’s squares National Unit of Ciudad Madero, Several watchers even commented on the presence of a shapeshifter or nahual, a man who roared like a dog and took his shape.

The Kraken of Playa Miramar and the Mothman of Altamira

In a video released in June of this year, what they claimed was a gigantic aquatic being was observed prowling in the area of ​​the city’s breakwaters. Thanks to these shared images, different members of the town took on the task of explaining it, until they reached the conclusion to consider it a Kraken.

That mythological being is kept as a record in the case of Frederic Bouyer, who in 1861 boasted of having captured partial remains of a six-meter-long mollusk. However, today we can define this specimen as a giant squid.

Even in the skies, these types of monsters make their presence. Different reports arising from the urban collective of La Prieta in Altamira claim to observe the presence of an anthropomorphic being that watches from the clouds in the darkness of the night.

Those who recount the events comment that it has characteristics similar to a giant moth and enormous red eyes.

A similar case occurred in West Virginia, when Roger and Linda Scarberry They were crossing a dirt road on the outskirts of this city. At that moment, Linda claims to have seen two bright red circles that were watching them.

“The creature was between 1.90 and two meters tall, had a grayish tone and wings attached to its back that opened due to the proximity of the car,” can be read in the testimony of the Scarberry.

The legends of the area include countless beasts or monsters that have terrified those of us who live in Tampicoforming part of the cryptozoology of the Huasteca city, which still remains a mystery to be defined.

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