The environment needs us

The environment needs us
The environment needs us

In it Cauca We don’t talk about the environment unless it is a very serious case, but if we review With a magnifying glass the situation is quite critical, in fact the few initiatives that come from the insipientes administrations do not cover the big problems and as always it is carried out by a few how many.
Diary Cauca has known a few initiatives that have been carried out by these days in some municipalities such as Morales and Corinto in order to encourage the habit of recycling, pull apart waste that can be given a second use. The initiatives come from who they live off recycling and then they usually be supported by government entities.
Now the outlook is not encouraging because despite the fact that this type of callsthey are not permanent, they are something momentary, because the Caucanos to the seem They lack culture and awareness on this issue. The different State agencies do not carry out activities that solvent in a good way this type of practices that besides of helping the environment promote the economy in low-income households resource.

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Yeah good This is not the only failure that exists, it is the one in which moderately We work from some homes, schools, universities, companies or from the same citizens. Perhaps the most harmful work for the environment is being carried out by logging trees at different important points in the department and to this is added the mining illegal, both problems grow exponentially and are not executed manner optimal campaigns or decisions clear response to this issue on the part of local governments or departmental.
Once again there is that absence by people who were elected and do not prioritize the use and conservation of the environment, so once again in places since the Pacific coast does not have guarantees of water potablebecause before reaching Guapi, Timbiquí and López de Micay, it has already passed through crop waters that were very probably touched with pesticides, mining with all its chemicalsand finally the felling of trees that avoid that arrives of good quality and in the necessary quantity to supply these municipalities.
As always, it is expected that new generations begin to become aware and give voice to these problematic that they cause so much damage to department And its inhabitants.


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