Social assistance in Las Tunas, a task of equity and inclusion

Social assistance in Las Tunas, a task of equity and inclusion
Social assistance in Las Tunas, a task of equity and inclusion

Las Tunas.- The connection to employment of people in optimal physical and mental conditions, members of family units recognized as vulnerable, is the first and most basic opportunity provided by the nearly 130 social workers of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (MTSS). in the municipality of Las Tunas.

With some 2,075 households and almost 3,800 beneficiaries in unflattering environments in economic terms, the MTSS favors families through temporary monetary aid in search of meeting their basic needs.

Yanelis Suárez, head of the entity’s prevention, assistance and social work department, told the Cuban News Agency exclusively that they maintain monitoring of 152 constituencies located in 13 complex neighborhoods from a financial point of view, among which El Mexico, Palancón and Indaya.

The concept of vulnerability that we handle is oriented to the economic situation, but also to those people with exceptional health situations that prevent them from carrying out work activities; Attention is always given to the core, not to the particular person, unless it is an elderly case without obligated family members, the directive added.

We have a mother with eight children in the Sosa Oeste community, who was given a house with three rooms and resources such as household appliances, beds, backpacks and shoes for the children, and she also incorporated her into work and maintained a compensatory allowance, said Yordanys Margarita Segura. Acosta, social worker from that area.

Although this is one of the most prevalent cases, Segura Acosta explained, there are other sensitive cases to which we try to provide help within our possibilities, while at the same time we carry out the procedures for the inclusion of children in day care centers and, even, In some cases we assist them with health devices.

The World Food Program in Las Tunas began in October with the delivery of food modules in the network of almost 700 warehouses, with supplies that include rice, beans, oil and others, to sustain more than nine thousand homes. that are protected by the MTSS in the province.

This year the State budget allocated 279 million pesos for social care to people from 41 communities in the eight municipalities of Las Tunas, a figure that seeks to mitigate the effects of the economic crisis through social assistance in various circumstances through subsidies, pensions and inclusion in the economic machinery of each locality.

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