Interesting but strange… Rosalía and Björk finally launch Oral, their long-awaited collaboration

After a month since the preview of the song between the iconic singers came out, we can now enjoy the song.

A few weeks ago we found out about “Oral” the new song between Björk and RosalíaWell, a preview of this came out. After a brief delay – the original release date was postponed a few weeks – the Icelandic singer revealed that today, November 21, we would finally hear it and it is now online.

“I am very happy to announce the launch of Orala single with Rosalía, tomorrow November 21,” Björk declared this Monday (November 20) through her social networks. In addition, she revealed that this song is already 25 years oldand the artist was inspired and programmed it thinking about the genre dancehallwhich she defined as the grandmother of reggaetón.

She also pointed out that Rosalía’s experiments with this genre, as well as her incredible voice, was what led her to invite her to participate in her song.

Photo: FB Björk

Apart from being able to enjoy a song between two incredible and world-renowned artists, the best of all is that its release is for charitable purposes. All the funds obtained thanks to the commercialization of this single, They will be used to stop industrial salmon farming in Iceland.

Also in her publication, Björk says that in addition to the fact that “the salmon suffer too much in this process, it causes severe damage to the environment.” But still, we have time to reverse all this evil.

Photo: FB Björk

With The evil will and MotomamiRosalía won the award for Album of the year at the Latin Grammys, which means she’s more than ready to share credits with Björk. “I think in some way there is an elegant resonance in the fact that our two voices are the same age in the recording,” the Icelandic artist explained through her social networks.

Photo: FB Rosalía

Oral: the song by Björk and Rosalía

Now yes, we leave you the new single below for you to enjoy:

What do you think about it? It is not usually Rosalía’s rhythm but she is definitely an artist who moves perfectly between different genres, and in this song she demonstrates it again.

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