definitions are coming on a date of classics – Diario El Ciudadano y la Región

definitions are coming on a date of classics – Diario El Ciudadano y la Región
definitions are coming on a date of classics – Diario El Ciudadano y la Región

Dogos The rest of the 11th date will have: on Friday at 9 p.m., Peñarol, led by Leonardo Senatore from Rosario, receives Selknam from Chile in Montevideo, while on Saturday the 4th in San Pablo, Cobras will be home against Yacare XV from Paraguay.

Dogos XV has 36 points and its rival Pampas 35. Third is Yacare XV with 24 and fourth Selknam with 22. Fifth is Peñarol Rugby with 17 points. The American Raptors are far away, only with mathematical chances, and without the possibility of joining the best four, the Brazilian franchise of Cobras Brasil Rugby.

Mathematically, Peñarol, the champion franchise of the first Super Rugby Americas, could add a maximum of 20 points in the four games left to play, potentially reaching 37 points.

If Dogos XV or Pampas surpass that number on Friday night, they will have already secured their place in the semifinals even before Peñarol hosts Selknam at the Charrúa Stadium.

If Peñarol does not win on Friday, then the two Argentine franchises will have secured their place in the semifinals, regardless of the previous result.

Yacare XV will travel to Jacareí where Cobras Brasil Rugby obtained the first of its two victories in the tournament – ​​both against Peñarol. Seven points behind fifth in the table, all the points that Yacare XV scores will help them secure a place among the top four. They will play three of the last four dates and can add a maximum of 15 points.

Selknam can also potentially score 20 points by winning his last four games with bonus points. Being five points ahead of his Friday rival, in one of the classics of the date, he could seal much of his luck in Montevideo. In the first round, in Santiago, Peñarol won 25-23.

American Raptors, with eleven points, have a minimal mathematical chance of reaching the semifinals. They need to add the maximum of fifteen points, and that Selknam, Yacare XV or Peñarol themselves do not add points between now and the end of the tournament. With matches still among themselves, it is just a mathematical issue and a logical impossibility.

Cobras Brasil Rugby has no chance of reaching the semi-finals.

The first two at the end of the regular phase will host the semifinals.

The following are the remaining games for the teams:

Dogos XV (36 points) – vs Pampas (home), vs Selknam (visitor), vs Peñarol Rugby (l)

Pampas (35 points) – vs Dogos XV (v), vs Selknam (l), vs Peñarol Rugby (v), vs Cobras Brasil Rugby (l).

Yacare XV (24 points) – vs Cobras Brasil Rugby (v), vs Peñarol Rugby (l), vs American Raptors (l)

Selknam (22 points) – vs Peñarol Rugby (v), vs Selknam (v), vs Dogos XV (l), vs American Raptors (l).

Peñarol Rugby (17 points) – vs Selknam (l), vs Yacare XV (v), vs Pampas (l), vs Dogos XV (v)

American Raptors (11 points) – vs Cobras Brasil Rugby (v), vs Yacare XV (v), vs Selknam (v)

Cobras Brasil Rugby (8 points) – vs Yacare XV (l), vs American Raptos (l), vs Pampas (v)

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