PDI managed the expulsion from Chile of more than fifty Venezuelans

PDI managed the expulsion from Chile of more than fifty Venezuelans
PDI managed the expulsion from Chile of more than fifty Venezuelans

During the morning of this Friday, the Investigative Police (PDI) expelled 65 people of Venezuelan nationality bound for Caracas on a commercial charter flight, for committing crimes in Chile or violating immigration regulations.

The flight took off this morning bound for Caracas, Venezuela, complying with the criteria of the Government and the National Migration Service (SERMIG), which is to prioritize the expulsion from the country of foreigners who have committed crimes and who have a criminal record.

Of the Venezuelan people expelled on this flight, 55 committed crimes such as illicit association, robbery with intimidation, robbery with violence, illicit drug trafficking, possession of firearms, kidnapping, robbery in an inhabited place, illegal carrying of firearms, among others.

In additionthe 10 expulsions of an administrative nature was due to entry through an unauthorized step.

During 2024, the PDI expelled a total of 411 people to different countries208 of them correspond to administrative expulsions and 203 judicial ones.

The director of SERMIG, Luis Eduardo Thayer, said that “people who commit crimes in our country or who enter irregularly will be expelled. This is a minority of foreigners who reside in our country, but it is a minority that does a lot of damage. Today’s flight, the 11 previous ones and the next flights that we are coordinating are an expression of this determination of the Government.”

“We are working to make expulsion processes more effective and improve the capacity of the State. For this, greater powers are needed for police and the National Immigration Service.; for example, powers to detain people and mechanisms to control the mobility of those who have an expulsion order; along with continuing to advance in coordination with the countries of origin to materialize the expulsions,” added the National Director of Migration.

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