Flood of the Uruguay River and concern in Entre Ríos: there is a yellow alert in the area

Flood of the Uruguay River and concern in Entre Ríos: there is a yellow alert in the area
Flood of the Uruguay River and concern in Entre Ríos: there is a yellow alert in the area

The advance of the water of the Uruguay River (Photo: El Once)

The National Weather Service (SMN) issued a yellow alert due to strong storms for this Monday in Between riverswhere they could fall 50 millimeters of water. In addition, the flooding of the Uruguay River is worrying.

The forecasting agency indicated that the storms “may be accompanied by intense gusts, significant electrical activity, occasional hail and abundant falls of water in short periods of time.”

It should be noted that the province comes from several days of rain that have affected the different localities and neighborhoods, causing floods and flooded streets.

One of the cities most affected by the flooding of the river was Concord. In that sense, it is estimated that the water levels in the port will continue to grow and although they did not cross the 11.70 meter barrier, the number indicates alert.

Meanwhile, the situation of Salto Grande Lake Reservoir It is worrying, since the water levels have reached 32.23 meters, according to the local media. The eleven.

Furthermore, it was announced that the neighborhood South Nebel is the most affected so far, and they have even begun to self-evacuate some homes that were hit by the storm.

In this regard, the Municipal President indicated that eight families who were housed in private homes have been evacuated. These maneuvers were carried out because the injured people contacted the emergency number. 103.

In any case, until now no family had to be specially transferred to the evacuee centers set up by the Municipality to address these problems.

Yellow Alert issued by the National Meteorological Service

For areas that are under yellow alert, the experts’ suggestions are: do not take out the trash and remove objects that prevent water from draining; avoid outdoor activities; do not take shelter near trees and electricity poles that may fall; do not stay on beaches, rivers, lagoons or swimming pools, to minimize the risk of being struck by lightning; be alert to the possible fall of hail; Get information from local authorities and always have an emergency backpack ready with a flashlight, radio, documents and telephone.

It is important to highlight that in the face of the emergency situation, this Monday the municipal teams and vehicles will continue with the response plan according to the situations that arise, as they have done so far, in conjunction with the Directorate of Transit and the Argentine Naval Prefecture.

The tasks carried out consist of monitoring and patrolling places with total closure to pedestrian and vehicular traffic, for example in Troncón Pass in the route provincial No. 155.

On the other hand, the Mayor Francisco Azcue asked the community to Do not travel through the Costanera area both for safety reasons and to avoid situations that put people’s physical integrity at risk, as well as to not interfere with the evacuation and preventive tasks that continue to be carried out at the site.

Extended forecast Entre Ríos (Photo: National Meteorological Service)

For the morning of this day Monday A start is expected with completely cloudy skies, a city under rain and temperatures that will range between 18 and 19 degrees, with no winds expected so far.

Towards the afternoon the thermal marks will continue to rise until reaching 24 degrees, and the rains could decrease significantly, although the humidity will continue to accompany the entire day, with isolated showers towards the night.

According to him SMN extended forecastfor him Tuesday Isolated storms are expected with thermal marks that will be between 20 and 25 degrees; Weather conditions would only begin to improve on Wednesday evening towards when partially cloudy skies are expected with temperatures that will range between 15 and 18 degrees.

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