reactions in goodbye to Menotti

reactions in goodbye to Menotti
reactions in goodbye to Menotti

César Luis Menotti, one of the most important men in the history of Argentine football, died this Sunday at the age of 85. The man from Rosario, the first coach to win a World Cup with the National Team in 1978, is farewelled by thousands of fans, institutions and football personalities on the networks.

Although he had a good career as a footballer, mainly at Rosario Central, and with brief spells at Racing, Boca and Pelé’s Santos, Skinny He reached his splendor as a coach. Not only for the achievements, but for having left a school to follow that endures over time with hundreds of disciples: Menottism.

His philosophy of play, his style, his principles, teachings and values, also his results; His appreciation, his visions of Argentine and world football in all the eras of the sport that he saw and analyzed, both in activity and from retirement, formed an unassailable figure for lovers of the round.

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Cesar Luis Menotti 2.jpg

César Luis Menotti with the 1978 World Cup.

The dimension that César Luis Menotti achieved as an emblem of football began to be glimpsed just minutes after learning of his death this Sunday afternoon, and the repercussions of his departure reach the most important sports institutions and personalities in the world:

Messi Menotti.jpg

Lionel Messi fired César Luis Menotti on his social networks.


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