How much will it rain in the Coquimbo Region? Check the forecast for water and snowfall

A new frontal system for the Coquimbo Region was announced by the Center for Advanced Studies in Arid Zones, CEAZA, for this Tuesday, May 7 and Wednesday, May 8, which would bring precipitation and snow mainly in the Provinces of Limarí and Choapa.

Rains that are expected given the serious drought that has affected the area for more than two decades.

The meteorologist from Mi Radio TV, Cristóbal Juliá explains that starting this Tuesday there will be a cold frontal system that will reach the entire region and would bring rainfall to the area and details that “perhaps the only communes that have little rainfall are La Higuera and Vicuña, where “There may be practically no water falling,” he details.

The expert explains that “the rains will be short, starting from the afternoon of Tuesday the 7th until Wednesday the 8th in the early morning, with amounts that could reach 30 mm in Choapa, 20 to 35 mm in Limarí, in the coastal area of ​​Elqui ( La Serena-Coquimbo conurbation) between 5 and 7 mm and in some pre-mountain communes, up to approximately 10 mm.”

Juliá explains that it is a typical cold frontal system that would bring up to 30 centimeters of snow in the Limarí and 25 centimeters in Choapa in the mountain sector.

Situation that is reaffirmed by meteorologist Jaime Leyton who points out that it will be a cold front that will bring snow to the mountain range and low temperatures to the entire area.

“It will rain a lot in the province of Choapa and in the southern part of Limarí. In Ovalle, between 8 and 12 mm could fall and further south the most intense will be in the pre-mountain sector in the communes of Combarbalá, Salamanca and Illapel where between 15 and 20 mm would fall and with a very low 0 isotherm, with a lot of snow in the mountain range. .

Furthermore, Jaime Leyton points out that new frontal systems could occur during the month of May, however, it is impossible to project the situation during the winter months.

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