Guantánamo-Santiago de Cuba university train underway › Cuba › Granma

Guantánamo-Santiago de Cuba university train underway › Cuba › Granma
Guantánamo-Santiago de Cuba university train underway › Cuba › Granma
Photo: Facebook profile of Eduardo Rodríguez Dávila

On April 29, the Guantánamo – Santiago de Cuba university train began to circulate, an unprecedented service for the railway.

TOAlthough on previous occasions trains had circulated that covered this same route, what is new is that it is designed for university students and that it also supports the transportation needs of the rest of the population.

The service arises as a response from the Cuban Railway Union to a claim from the Guantánamo university community, very affected by the complex transportation situation and its high prices, said the Minister of Transportation in Cuba, Eduardo Rodríguez Dávila, in his account. on Facebook.

With a frequency of two days a week, Monday and Friday, the train runs from the Guantánamo railway station to the “Senén Casas Regueiro” station in Santiago de Cuba.

It returns in the afternoon, providing service to the entire population, which appreciates its capacity for 350 passengers.

Its itinerary lasts approximately three hours and 40 minutes, with 11 regulatory stops. The route has a price from origin to destination of 100 pesos, although the fare is applied in sections and in the case of students they only pay 50 percent.

The minister also pointed out that he has four German cars and a medium-sized locomotive. The cars were repaired three years ago at the San Luis Railway Workshops and, due to the great reception this service has had, it is planned to add one more car.

The minister added that without a doubt the great challenge for the Railway Union will be to guarantee the stability of this service and increase capacities as far as possible, to also support the transportation needs of our population.


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