The IPV of San Juan will once again raffle 300 lots of Active Land, Dream Fulfilled

The IPV of San Juan will once again raffle 300 lots of Active Land, Dream Fulfilled
The IPV of San Juan will once again raffle 300 lots of Active Land, Dream Fulfilled

If everything goes according to plan, soon, the Provincial Housing Institute (IPV) of San Juan will once again draw 300 lots that correspond to the Suelo Activo, Sueño Cumplido operation. The director of the IPV. Elina Peralta, explained to HUARPE DIARY that this possibility arose after they analyzed the first applicants and determined that almost a third do not meet the necessary requirements to access this plan that offers an urbanized lot, added to the credit for the construction of the home. This operation is intended for the middle class.

In contact with Huarpe News, Peralta, explained that of the total of 930 beneficiaries who are already preselected, there is a group of 300 applicants who would not have been able to pass the so-called “social filter”, in which it is analyzed whether they have an economic situation that allows them to pay the fee. This implies that they would not be able to access this operation. These days, the IPV is finishing reviewing the condition of these families and once the total number of applicants who will not be able to access the house is confirmed, these lots will be drawn again.

“We are waiting for all the filtering of the rest of the families to be finished to see how many more vacancies there are going to be and they are going to be rescheduled. We are waiting for between 250 and 300 families that could not comply so that a new draw can be done and be able to complete the quota of 930 lots,” explained the official.

Peralta acknowledged that there was a brake on this operation, but explained that this was due to the fact that the new management began by analyzing the situation of the 930 applicants who in 2023 were drawn to be able to access one of these lots that are part of a large property located near Meglioli Street, between República del Lebanon and Doctor Ortega, in Rawson.

The official recalled that she already met with the future residents of the Valle del Sol neighborhood and told them about the situation of this project. She recalled that of the total of 930 beneficiaries initially selected, there are already a third who are paying the savings fee.

Added to this is that in recent days another 300 neighbors were added whose situation was already analyzed, they passed the social filter and how it was determined that they will be able to comply with the payment of fees, it is expected that within a month they will begin to pay the savings fee and be one step closer to being able to access your property.

Peralta also spoke about the progress of the work on the urbanization work and highlighted that in the midst of a temporary stoppage due to the lack of funds that stopped arriving from the Nation, the Government of San Juan decided to provide provincial funds to achieve the reactivation of some works, among which is the Active Land property, Sueño Cumplido.

The director explained that the operation was created from the Nation, “that is why we initially received those funds for the urbanization and infrastructure work. Today, through the efforts of Governor Orrego, it has been decided a month ago to provide provincial funds so that the work of this neighborhood continues,” he concluded.


  • Form a family group, which can be made up of a married couple with or without children, two cohabiting people who have a civil union, a person with their ascendants (parents) or descendants (recognized children) or siblings.
  • Be registered in the permanent registry of IPV applicants
  • Family Group Income: The sum of net formal income must be between three and fifteen minimum, vital and mobile salaries, proving a minimum work seniority of 12 months.
    All members of the family group must:
  • Not own homes, land or real estate.
  • Not having been beneficiaries of subsidies, loans and/or housing through the IPV
  • Not having been beneficiaries of national, provincial or municipal housing programs.
  • Have stable and public residence in the province for more than 2 years
  • Present in a timely manner all the documentation required by IPV

Program Stages


  • Online registration of interested parties, under a sworn declaration that they meet the requirements.
  • Public Draw to be held during the months of April-May.
  • Verification of compliance with IPV requirements. Social Evaluation of the files by the areas involved in the IPV.
  • Acceptance of applicants as IPV savers by Resolution.


  • Formalization of Prior Savings Contracts with the IPV – Beginning of payment of the prior savings fee.
  • Once the work on the lots is completed and the necessary technical documentation has been obtained, the IPV will determine by lottery the lot with services that corresponds to each family group (As long as it is up to date with the previous savings quotas)
  • Families will select one of the housing prototypes proposed by IPV for this program and will present the technical documentation for granting the loan.
  • Technical evaluation by the different areas involved.
  • Award of sale of the lot and granting of financial assistance by resolution of IPV.
  • Disbursement of advance payment of assistance
  • Start of execution of work by the successful bidder
  • According to progress of work, accreditation of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th disbursements
  • Start of recovery by the IPV through the payment of the amortization fee corresponding to the lot plus financial assistance.
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