Bogotá firefighters join in to put out the Salamanca Island fire

Bogotá firefighters join in to put out the Salamanca Island fire
Bogotá firefighters join in to put out the Salamanca Island fire

He Forest fire in the National Natural Park Salamanca Islandnorth of Cupcakehas been active for more than a week and according to environmental authorities it has consumed at least 65 hectares of vegetation.

At the site of the conflagration there are units of the corps of firefighters of three municipalities in the department of Atlántico (Galapa, Colombian Port and Loneliness), and of new site and Swamp Magdalena, fifteen firefighters from the city of Magdalena joined the fight to extinguish the flames. Bogota.

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The mayor of the country’s capital, Carlos Fernando Galán, assured through his personal account in the social networkassured that, “15 units of our Official Fire Department traveledwith 5 tons of equipment, bound for Isla Salamanca, in Magdalena, to join the joint efforts to put out the fire that has occurred in the park for several days.”

Regarding the current state of the fire, National Natural Parks of Colombia assured in a statement that, “five heat sources have been combated, and today, unfortunately, we face one more, which is outside the protected area.”

National Parks announced that, “in the western sector of the Isla Salamanca Park, The presence of public forces is necessary to prevent forest fires and illegal activities that threaten our ecosystem.”

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The entity added that, “we will act vigorously against those responsible for environmental crimes. Recently, the Attorney General’s Officecharged with illicit use of natural resources, that is a clear sign that we will not tolerate the degradation of our environment, nor of our ecosystems.”

National Natural Parks pointed out that, “Today, together with firefighters and the National Police, we have rescued species of wildlife that have been affected such as slugs, snakes, iguanas and turtles. But we must move forward, united in this cause.”

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