They investigate the discovery of a dismembered body in Fundación (Magdalena)

They investigate the discovery of a dismembered body in Fundación (Magdalena)
They investigate the discovery of a dismembered body in Fundación (Magdalena)

About 5:24 pm this Monday, on Fundación Road, Magdalena A dismembered body was thrown into a box and a bag, situation that is already being investigated by the authorities.

A video camera recorded the moment when two men on a motorcycle arrived at the point and threw the remains with a sign that read: “This is going to happen to all those who sell drugs and collect extortion”.

The event occurred on 6th street in the Vera Judith neighborhood, as confirmed by the authorities.

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Given what happened, the commander of the Magdalena policeColonel Javier Duarte Reyes, who assured that: “The man’s body has not yet been identified, The judicial proceedings are in charge of the technical investigation body (CTI) of the Attorney General’s Office. An institutional component was deployed by the national police in order to support these judicial actions.”

In the next few hours, in coordination with the municipal administration, a extraordinary security council in order to define strategies that allow strengthening security and coexistence in this municipality.

For its part, the platform human rights defenders of the Sierra Nevadaexpressed through his account on the social network Apparently the body was left there in a cellar, with a sign. Alluding to a strong intimidating message.”

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It should be noted that the paramilitary group operates in the territory Gulf Clan. Some people in the municipality of Fundación have assured that it could be the young Andrés Contreras, a resident of the Altamira neighborhood, however, the authorities are investigating the events to identify the victim and to determine who or those who perpetrated the incident.


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