This is the “food” of patients in Santiago de Cuba

A complaint about the precarious food conditions at the Gustavo Machín Psychiatric Hospital, in Santiago de Cuba, caused alarm among citizens.

The report, made by Yosmany Mayeta Labrada through his Facebook account, shows a discouraging image of what is offered as “food” to hospital inmates.

“This food is given to some patients in a hospital in Santiago de Cuba. Look at the food and the environment and say in which hospital these foods, rice, soup and eggplant are being given to the patients of the Gustavo Machín Psychiatric Hospital, ‘Jagüa’ located in the Sango-La Maya municipality of Santiago de Cuba,” expressed Mayeta Labrada.

Naturally, the publication generated various reactions on the social network, including comments that negatively compare the situation with that of other care centers, such as nursing homes.

In that sense, one user commented: “And the one in the nursing homes is worse, and since they are there they cancel him from the ration book, they give him unsweetened leaf tea and no food. To make matters worse, now there are bedbugs in the Antonio Maceo nursing home.”

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Faced with this situation, Mayeta Labrada called on the authorities of Santiago de Cuba to take action on the matter, something that seems impossible.

“I call on the Ministry of Public Health in Santiago de Cuba, the Communist Party and its secretary Beatriz Johnson Urrutia, the provincial government, its directors and its new governor, to go into the depths of the hospital facilities of the province”said.

Unfortunately, situations like these occur in each of the country’s medical institutions. Meanwhile, the leaders of the regime enjoy all the existing luxuries.

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