EPV highlights the Agreement for Valparaíso in its 2023 Integrated Report – Radio Festival

EPV highlights the Agreement for Valparaíso in its 2023 Integrated Report – Radio Festival
EPV highlights the Agreement for Valparaíso in its 2023 Integrated Report – Radio Festival

Puerto Valparaiso presented this week the 2023 Integrated Report, a document that aims to publicize the actions carried out by the company in relation to three pillars, Environmental, Social and Governance, and which also highlights the most relevant milestones of the state company such as was the signing of the Agreement for Valparaíso, a document that was delivered to the President of the Republic, Gabriel Boric.

The document, which has more than 230 pages, has nine chapters where information is provided about the Valparaíso Port Company, the port expansion project, operations, connections, relationships, commitment and financial statements, it also has greeting letters the Minister of Transport and Telecommunications, Juan Carlos Muñoz; the president of the Board of Directors of Puerto Valparaíso, Luis Eduardo Escobar; and the General Manager, Franco Gandolfo.

Among the notable milestones, apart from the Valparaíso Agreement, the 2023 Integrated Report also details the entire modernization process of the PCS Silogport, a pioneering port logistics system in Chile, which was born in 2008, and which during 2023 had a great update whose objective was to coordinate all the activities and processes of foreign trade that circulate through the Valparaíso logistics chain, having as its main characteristics: Advance coordination through the mobile application, reading on the Free Flow portal, flow control in the ZEAL and validation in the automated access gates.

On the other hand, people play a relevant role in this Integrated Report, since milestones linked to well-being and work environment, policies and work tables related to gender equality, conciliation and safety are highlighted, in addition to the “40 Hours Seal”. which was awarded in the month of April. Likewise, the celebration of the “Silver Anniversary” stands out, internal activities linked to the celebration of the 25 years of the Valparaíso Port Company.

The Minister of Transport and Telecommunications, Juan Carlos Muñozin his greeting letter he highlighted that “President Gabriel Boric received in his hands the Agreement for Valparaíso, a document that not only recognized the inescapable relationship between the port and the city but also established a series of commitments in order to expand port capacity in a harmonious manner with the needs of Valparaíso and the region (…) clear examples of the efforts made to promote the development of Valparaíso in its port dimension, but in accordance with a better connection with the city.”

The president of the Board of Directors of Puerto Valparaíso, Luis Eduardo Escobar, In addition to highlighting numerous events of the year 2023, he highlighted the Agreement for Valparaíso, “which was undoubtedly the main milestone of the year and marks a roadmap for our future actions. (…) Today, we can proudly say that it was a year in which the efforts made to progressively meet the objectives we set bore fruit, placing fraternal dialogue and the search for points of balance between the various actors that make up the society that we set at the center. lives in Valparaíso.”

For his part, the General manager of the company, Franco Gandolfo, specified that “In our integrated report we have reflected all the work components associated with our management and we are very happy because we completed a year in which the fruits of an extensive process of dialogue materialized, which also materialized through the Agreement for Valparaíso, signed in October, but beyond that we see a Port of Valparaíso with good quality operational management, with sustainable management, with a sustained process of dialogue with the various technical and community authorities of our city of Valparaíso, that is, both institutional and citizens, which allows us to work in a closer port and a port that moves forward to meet its port expansion challenges in harmony with the diverse vocations of the city of Valparaíso”also adding that “This year 2024 we will continue working hard based on the dialogue processes to take concrete steps and materialize our projects in the short term.”

Furthermore, the executive highlighted the importance of “projects that aim at a coastal area more integrated with the city and its inhabitants, where we highlight the opening of a door at Francia station that allows the passenger terminal to be connected not only with rail transport, but also with the center of the commune; We also added the remodeling of the Prat Dock, the construction of the first Port Center in Latin America in said sector and the reactivation of the Parque Barón project that seeks to integrate the different vocations of Valparaíso around the sea and the legendary Simón Bolívar Winery.”

Finally, the update of the comprehensive Silogport 3.0 system stands out, which plays a fundamental role in the efficiency and management of port operations, guaranteeing an effective flow of vehicles and cargo in port terminals, thereby contributing to the sustainable growth of our sector.

It should be noted that the Integrated Report, which is publicly available on the corporate website, https://www.puertovalparaiso.cl/memorias/reporte-integrado-2023, was prepared under the recommendations of the International Council on Integrated Reports ( IIRC), in accordance with the Standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), and in accordance with the Chilean legislation expressed by the Commission for the Financial Market, NCG 461.

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