“I’m tired of treacherous cu…”: the audios and photos that complicate the teacher accused of harassing a 14-year-old student

“I’m tired of treacherous cu…”: the audios and photos that complicate the teacher accused of harassing a 14-year-old student
“I’m tired of treacherous cu…”: the audios and photos that complicate the teacher accused of harassing a 14-year-old student

A serious complaint was made by the mother of a 14-year-old schoolgirl who received photos and messages from a teacher who had been harassing her for weeks at a school in La Ligua.

“The math teacher, since April 11, was harassing her on Instagram. “She spoke to him on weekends, outside of class hours, she didn’t care about the time or the day.”the woman told with you in the morning.

“He wrote to her ‘oe, oe, little sister’, ‘oe, the pulenta, poh’, ‘oe, I’m just talking to your partner’, ‘my blood’. “I wrote to him about that kind of thing,” he added.

Furthermore, he announced that “The teacher grabbed her for the lesson, he challenged her about everything, she was paying attention in class and he challenged her. “My daughter was afraid and she was equally ashamed”. According to what the parent implied, this behavior of the teacher was due to the fact that her daughter was not responding to her messages.

It should be noted that, in addition to the texts described, the subject sent her photos of herself that he took in the classroom.

Complaint and departure

With this background, the woman decided to file a complaint before the Family Court. In fact, when she was in this process, she received an audio from the accused:

Teacher: Look, I remind you that the last time you talked to me you insulted me, right?

Representative: When did I insult you?

Teacher: Ah, now, now we act crazy, we are not all saints, we are all perfect. But be careful, don’t do it again, because otherwise you will have a problem. To make it clear to you. I’m telling you not to insult me ​​again.

Representative: You are harassing my daughter, I saw all the conversations.

Teacher: I’m leaving (school), because she’s a liar, because I’m tired of this nonsense.

Furthermore, the attorney announced that “My daughter missed classes one day and he commented in the course ‘wow, this girl was missing, I miss her so much, I love her so much.’ He had also told my daughter that he loved her very much and that she found her pretty.”.

When consulted in the morning, the school only limited itself to sharing the following statement:

“Along with greeting you cordially, I inform you that…., who worked as a mathematics teacher, stopped providing services at our institution as of today”.

In another audio, the subject got into a fight with someone who was rebuking him about the situation:

“I’ll tell you straight away, man, I didn’t talk to me at all, you bastard… look, I called the agent and she told the mom that she was screwing me and they offered me any money and I left (…) because I’m flat of treacherous cu…, besides the c… What’s happening is uglier? Are you going to fight or are you going to show your face? “Tell me at the touch”.

What does the Prosecutor’s Office say?

From the Prosecutor’s Office they indicated in the morning that “To date, two complaints have been filed, both are grouped together. In the first of them it can be reported that in the events described it is not possible to determine the existence of any crime that violates the sphere of sexuality.”.

“In the second, filed with the PDI, threats received by the mother are reported. This led to an order to investigate and a periodic patrol of the victim’s house was ordered for 45 days.”they added.

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