These are the bars closest to the Córdoba Fair

These are the bars closest to the Córdoba Fair
These are the bars closest to the Córdoba Fair
Beatriz Garcia

05/09/2024 01:01h

El Arenal is preparing to host once again the long-awaited Fair of Our Lady of Health of Córdoba. From the next May 18 to May 25thousands of Cordobans and visitors will step onto the Córdoba Fair to enjoy a few days full of music, friends, family, joy and, of course, good gastronomy.

However, if you are one of those who prefers eat or dine away from the hustle and bustlewhether before or after stepping foot in El Arenal, we bring you a complete guide to bars, taverns and restaurants near the fairgrounds so you can enjoy the best local cuisine during these festive days.

Bar Miguelito

Located in the Field of Truth, this classic specializes in homemade preparations with a special touch. If you are a lover of offaldon’t miss their kidneys, brains or tripe, considered by many to be some of the best in the city.

Bar Miguelito is also famous for its fish friessuch as the “Miguelito” or “El Escocío” assortment. In addition, you can taste other typical dishes such as tripe, flamenquín or oxtail. An ideal place for tapas or an informal meal.

Address: C. Painted Sidewalk, 8

Phone: 957 29 03 38

Bar Los Romerillos

Next to the Torre de la Calahorra is the legendary Bar Los Romerillos, a place where you can enjoy authentic homemade Cordoba food in a traditional environment. In addition to his fried fishSalmorejo, flamenquines or oxtailhighlights their ‘Bacalao a Los Romerillos’, which they prepare with ratatouille.

Furthermore, it is a strategic stop after enjoying the fair, since this bar opens its doors at 6 in the morningfor those who want to enjoy a good coffee with toast and oil upon return.

Address: Calle Acera del Arrecife, 6

Phone: 957 29 04 01

Grandma’s Tavern

In the heart of the famous Plaza de la Fuensanta is the Taberna La Abuela. This charming establishment is known for its fries (anchovies, choco, shrimp and various fried foods) and its wide selection of classic dishes of Cordoba cuisine. Diners can delight in the traditional salmorejo, ensaladilla, flamenquín, eggplant with cane honey and scrambled eggs.

But the feast does not end there, since at Taberna La Abuela the desserts are a real temptationlike their cakes, highlighting the three chocolates, Calatrava bread or cheese flan.

And to top off a good meal, the best thing would be to taste some of the Manuel Castilla coffeesexpert and award-winning barista.

Address: Pl. Fuensanta Sanctuary

Phone: 655 50 97 95

Restaurant Watering Can

In the historic center, on the riverside next to the Roman Bridge and the Cathedral Mosque, we changed the traditional food for the imaginative proposals by Adrián Caballerochef and owner of the Regadera restaurant.

Its label-free cuisine includes dishes such as almond mazamorra, cured salmon and applethe wild sea bass ceviche, red onion, lime, cilantro and pickled carrot gazpacho or the butterfish with teriyaki, black garlic and florets dressed with apple kimchi.

Address: Isasa round, 10

Phone: 676 02 56 95

Tavern El Abanico

A space for wines and tapas from Cordoba, which is part of the traditional local cuisine with an innovative touch, using and maintaining recipes within an informal and original atmosphere. It has two establishments in two significant enclaves of Córdoba: Calleja de las Flores and La Ribera.

To snack you can choose one wedge of potato omelette with caramelized onion, homemade oxtail croquettes; volcano of potatoes poached in EVOO, eels and fried egg, or their mini beef burgers from Los Pedroches with homemade barbecue sauce.

Address: Rev. from Isasa, 10, Center

Phone: 957 84 45 18

Garum 2.1.

Next to the Cruz del Rastro, Garum 2.1. surprise with a traditional cuisine to which he chef Juan Luis Santiago contributes his renovation touches. The menu varies continuously, so it is best to consult the suggestions.

But you can’t miss your award-winning salmorejo amontillado. With this salmorejo recipe it has not only achieved mentions in international magazines such as Taste Atlas, where it achieved first position in its Top 10 with the best salmorejos in the world, but it has also won tapas competitions.

Address: C/ San Fernando, 122

Phone: 957 48 76 73

Mezquita Ribera Wineries

The Bodegas Mezquita Ribera restaurant is located on the banks of the Guadalquivir River, between the Roman Bridge and the Miraflores Bridge. Your kitchen collects the Andalusian gastronomy tradition. Among his specialties are: Caliphate eggplants or Mozarabic meatballs.

For tapas, it is always difficult to decide: Cordoban salmorejoremojón, mazamorra cordoba or the famous porcini croquettes with cheese sauce. Those who cannot live without ordering the traditional oxtail, at Bodegas Mezquita can have it Cordoban style or in risotto.

Address: Isasa round, 10

Phone: 957 11 69 13

Moriles Ribera

If we make a stop at the Moriles Ribera restaurant, we can Eat with views of the river and Arenal. Its menu, so extensive that it is difficult to decide, has dishes such as Iberian cheek with cane honeyoxtail or mazamorra, among many others.

Although one of the most recommended options, whether to recharge batteries after the fair or to fill ourselves with energy for it, is the ‘Moriles’ combination platewith orza loin, slice of Serrano ham, chorizo ​​and Espejo blood sausage, and poor-style potatoes, or the ‘Ribera’ dish with flamenquín of serrano ham, fried eggplants, free-range eggs and poor-style potatoes.

Address: Paseo de la Ribera, 6

Phone: 957 83 87 75

Kitchen 33

Cocina 33 is also located on Paseo de la Ribera, characterized by its urban aesthetic and for the imaginative dishes from its chef and owner, David Carrillo. The rib and caramelized onion bao bread, the Aged low loin steak tartare with citrus touches or the duck confit gyozas accompanied by Gruyere cheese cream are some of its many and varied proposals.

Address: P.º de la Ribera, 24, Center

Phone: 957 11 02 78

Damajuana Tavern

If you are looking for a place to enjoy the authentic Cordoban cuisine In a pleasant atmosphere and with spectacular views, Taberna Damajuana is the perfect option. Located in the heart of La Ribera, this tavern conquers with its food, terrace and close treatment.

On a visit to the premises you cannot miss the Demijohn croquettes (with cod and spinach), garlic budsfried cod, flamenquín, fried eggplants or pig’s trotters.

Address: C/ Rda. of the Martyrs, 2

Phone: 957 75 19 90

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