Bullfights in Colombia: what is missing to prohibit them?

Bullfights in Colombia: what is missing to prohibit them?
Bullfights in Colombia: what is missing to prohibit them?

(Wednesday, May 15, 2024). Since last May 7, the fourth and final debate was scheduled to approve or not the law that would prohibit bullfighting in Colombia. A project that has been led by Senator Esmeralda Hernández.

However, This debate has been postponed and with it doubts have arisen as to whether the vote will be held. or not of this proposal, which if approved, would remove Colombia from the list of countries in which bullfighting is legal.

In the midst of this situation, Senator Hernández called for attention to the congressmen to reach the House of Representatives and have a sufficient quorum to vote on this presentation.

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«The legislative agenda has been stopped because they do not want to debate the bull bill. They know that they do not have the votes and that is why they continue with baseless challenges before an inoperative ethics commission. Transparency and fair play is all we ask but it is something that the Democratic Center does not know,” the senator wrote on her social networks.

Bullfighting in Colombia: this is the panorama in the debates

For Tuesday, May 14, again The voting and debate on this project was postponed due to lack of quorum.

However, It would already be scheduled for next Tuesday (May 21)but with a much stronger study, if the substitute proposal made by the senator is taken into account Ana Rogelia Monsalve, of the Colombian Democratic Party, in which he asked to change the articles.

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In Monsalve’s proposal he argued that there are gaps for families who live in this sector of bullfighting in Colombia.

«Bullfighting does not deserve to be prohibited, but if the majority of Congress wants it that way, it must be up front, in a real waywith an economic substitution that guarantees that these families do not remain unemployed,” Monsalve said in the debate.

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Thus, It is expected that next week progress can be made with this bill in Colombia, in addition to the warning he made to other congressmen to attend the premises and vote.

«It is time for Congress to get serious, for us to do the task for which the citizens elected us and for which they pay us more than 40 million pesos, which is to enter, give the debate with arguments and vote«said Senator Hernández.

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