Incredible! School in Neiva denied lunch to a boy because his parents were late in paying

Incredible! School in Neiva denied lunch to a boy because his parents were late in paying
Incredible! School in Neiva denied lunch to a boy because his parents were late in paying

In Neiva there is a scandal after the Colombo Inglés private school in that city denied lunch to a 7-year-old child for two days. Apparently, the decision of the school’s directors was due to the delay in payment by the parents. The Ombudsman assumed the investigation of the case.

And, according to the parents of the 7-year-old boy, The school would have denied lunch to the minor due to a delay in payment, which puts your at risk.

In fact, the boy’s father stated that they have always been punctual with the payment of the obligations they have with the school. However, This time they had a family difficulty that prevented them from making the payment, hence On several occasions they approached the school to address the situation., without getting any response. The worst part is that the delay in payment was only two days.

To put a more unusual tone on this fact, The boy’s father pointed out that they realized when they saw that the boy was not sharing with his classmates at lunch time, so they decided to go over and talk to a teacher on campus, who confirmed to them that the minor was not in that part of the school due to the delay in paying the lunch fee and that the coordinator had ordered him to be locked in the classroom.

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Immediately afterwards, the father of the family said that they went to ask the coordinator for explanations, who stated that the decision had been made because, since they did not have payment for the lunch fee, because he did not have enough money to buy food for the child.

But the issue did not stop there, it turns out that the parents spoke with the person responsible for the contract to give lunch to the school children, who stressed to them that they have never denied food to a childalthough his parents were months late in paying the fee, which indicates that, apparently, lThe order would have come directly from the school coordinator.

Furthermore, and as if what happened seemed little, the minor’s parents confessed that the school principal, upon learning of the situation, told them that: “If we don’t like that, it is what it is, so one more child or one less child didn’t make a difference.”.

Finally, the child’s parents decided to withdraw him from school and expressed their intention to report the institution to the Municipal Office of Neiva, an entity that is already aware of the situation and confirmed that it will investigate the case because, apparently, It is not the first to appear at this private school.

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