If Cuba cooperates against terrorism, it is absurd to accuse it of being a sponsor

If Cuba cooperates against terrorism, it is absurd to accuse it of being a sponsor
If Cuba cooperates against terrorism, it is absurd to accuse it of being a sponsor

This certainty has always been very clear to the Government that “makes” lists. You know that there is no argument that supports keeping Cuba in this which is, in a certain way, a subcategory of that other list of countries that are accused, not of “not cooperating fully”, but of sponsoring terrorism, in which continues to include the Greater Antilles, and which is the fundamental cause of the economic extortion it suffers.

It means that, with the recent announcement, the contradiction only increases, and the political manipulation of the US Government on this issue is even more exposed.

This is what the First Secretary of the Party’s Central Committee and President, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, stated in that position: removing Cuba from the State Department’s arbitrary list and ending the coercive economic measures that accompany it.

According to information made public by the US State Department, “it was determined” that “the circumstances for the certification of Cuba as a country that does not fully cooperate with counterterrorism efforts (NFCC) have changed from 2022 to 2023 and that Therefore, the Foreign Ministry does not designate the Island as such for the calendar year 2023, according to the Arms Export Control Law.

The inclusion of the NFCC list – it is important to reiterate that it is not the same as that of the “State Sponsors of Terrorism (SST)” – had been made public on May 13, 2020, and was ratified year after year, until today. .

In the other, the SST, we were “put in” for the first time in the administration of President Ronald Reagan, in 1982; and in 2015, then-president Barack Obama removed the archipelago from that list; However, in the twilight of Donald Trump’s presidency, on January 12, 2021, it was again designated as a sponsor of terrorism.

In using similar terms there is “the confusion” that the disgusting chorus of mercenaries takes advantage of – the majority, being ignorant, are certainly confused; but we insist that the recent White House announcement does not exclude Cuba from the SST list.

That it is done in an electoral context may lead to the assumption that it is a kind of “smoke screen” directed at a key group of Democratic supporters who do not agree with the policy against Cuba, and who could have weight at the polls. Maybe.

For now, regarding what Cubans living in the US really want for their native country, the University of Florida itself conducted a survey, cited by PL, whose statistics revealed that 53% are in favor of relations diplomatic relations, 64% support the sale of food, 72% the sending of medicines, and 64% the application of policies “to improve the economic well-being of the Cuban people.”

The only coherent thing the US Government can do is to separate Cuba from any link to terrorism. Lifting the label of “sponsor” is the most urgent thing.

Of course, the consistency to which we appeal is with the truth, because if we talk about the moral and legal authority of the White House to demand in this matter… come on, there is none.

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