The most played podcasts today on Spotify Argentina

The most played podcasts today on Spotify Argentina
The most played podcasts today on Spotify Argentina

These are the titles most searched for by Spotify subscribers. (Infobae)

Considered one of the most “intimate” digital formats, podcasts have gained fame and have positioned themselves among the taste of the Argentine public following the arrival of streaming platforms in the new millennium such as Spotify.

Its boom was significant since the emergence of coronavirus pandemic in 2020, which forced most people to remain in confinement, who in turn began to experiment with various formats and channels to inform and entertain themselves.

Podcasts are audio products that are available through files or streaming platforms and one of their great advantages is that the user can listen to it whenever they want and as many times as they want.

However, the podcast is not something new, but rather a product that enjoyed wide popularity at the beginning of the 21st century, but that then he was relegated due to the arrival of compact discs, iPods, among others.

However, its easy access, broad genres and diverse narratives have facilitated its new heyday and many companies have begun to bet on them again to reach more users.

1. The Marian Rojas Estapé Podcast

Marian Rojas Estapé, doctor and psychiatrist, helps us in this podcast to understand those fundamental aspects that affect our physical and mental health every day. Understanding is relieving and this is what he shows us from his experience and knowledge in each episode; in which you will find advice to live with more harmony through knowledge of our body, our mind, our behavior and our emotional world. You will understand that there may be a way to approach how to make good things happen to you, you will learn about cortisol, the reticular system, oxytocin, the prefrontal cortex and you will have the necessary tools so that you can identify the people around you. . The Marian Rojas Estapé Podcast is a podcast exclusively on Spotify.Credits: Script and voiceover: Marian Rojas EstapéProduction: Editorial EspasaDirection: Sergio García Jáñez and Sara AyllónRecording: Margot MartínEditing: José David Delpueyo (Sunne)

2. Revenge Will Be Terrible (official)

If you fall asleep listening to La Venganza Sera Terrible on the radio, now you can also fall asleep listening to it at any time in podcast format. At you can find the episodes, etc.

3. Naked Psychology | psi.mammoliti

Emotional management is the key to a meaningful life. And it is in your hands to learn it! With the help of Clinical Psychologist Marina Mammoliti we dive into the depths of the mind. In each episode of Naked Psychology, the 1st podcast in mental health and top 13 globally, you will find very valuable tools for your well-being. Can you come with us? Follow us!

4. The Raw

Migue Granados was always interested in annoying, fighting and investigating to go a little further. In each episode, Migue interviews hand-in-hand, in an intimate and sincere conversation, different personalities with unique life stories. A single premise: ask and discuss until the last vertebra; take off our masks to talk about what is really happening to us. Life has a raw part and Migue does not leave it aside. La Cruda, a Spotify original podcast.

5. Philosophical Talks – With Eio Moldavsky

Because everyone has something to say about life.

6. Your Personal Development

Personal development, spirituality, financial freedom, entrepreneurship and leadership.

7. Financial, Monetary and Irreverent

Leandro Ziccarelli’s podcast about finance, economics and other herbs. Make yourself comfortable because I’m going to make you angry and, without you realizing it, you’re going to have learned something about finances or economics. FMIpodcast is sponsored by Roku friends Cocos Capital and Medifé. () The opinions expressed in the program are in the personal capacity of the car and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of our sponsors, nor of any member of said companies.

8. Nona is missed | OLGA

Nona is missed in podcast format with Yayo, Fran Gómez and Caro Pardíaco every Wednesday from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. (only on Wednesdays)

9. Take Action with Sofia Contreras

Throughout his career he has played at the intersection of marketing and startups. Leading investment funds of 200MM USD, boosting the growth of hundreds of businesses and co-founding his first NGO at the age of 23, today in 18 countries. She is currently CEO and founder of Mastery Haus helping entrepreneurs scale their results in business and personal development. In this podcast I am going to share tools and methodologies on productivity, mindset and business to achieve what you set out to do. Do you want the whole experience? Subscribe to my weekly newsletter: soficontreras.comnewsletter

10. The column of Santiago Bilinkis

Technology, science and everyday life from the perspective of Santiago Bilinkis

*Some titles may not have a description because the platform does not provide it.

Podcasts have regained strength among users of streaming platforms, especially after the coronavirus pandemic (Getty Images)

A podcast is an audio product which has a defined periodicity and can be made up of several episodes, although it has its origins in radio, currently those who like this format can find it on websites or streaming platforms such as Spotify.

Podcasts began as a discussion between several participants on a particular topic, but over time the ways of doing them have diversified and now there can be one person speaking or a group; Likewise, they are not only used as a space to exchange points of view, but also cover genres of interview either fictionas happens with the suspense story of the Chilean production Case 63one of the most listened to podcasts worldwide.

The word “podcast” was used for the first time on February 12, 2004 by journalist Ben Hammersley of The Guardian in an article in which he talked about how economically viable it was to make an online radio program and access them whenever users want.

Although there are various debates about when the first podcast in history emerged, several experts have pointed out that the idea was clear from the creation of the podcast. Thomas Alva Edison’s phonograph in 1870when the intellectuals of the time such as Philip Hubert, Octave Uzanne or Edward Bellamy predicted that people would end up “reading with their eyes closed” books, newspapers and magazines and even mothers would stop snoring while telling stories to their children before going to sleep.

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