The Manizales and Caldas Dairy Cluster, a bet come true – Chamber of Commerce of Manizales por Caldas

In the Cluster Community of Manizales and Caldas, there are eight initiatives that are led by the Chamber of Commerce of Manizales for Caldas, among them is the Dairy Cluster which in just three years has integrated 30 producing and processing companies in the dairy industry in the region.

This cluster, which was born in 2021 after identifying the needs of entrepreneurs in the productive sector, works on access to new markets, associativity, innovation and the development of new products, strengthening human talent and environmental practices, among others. aspects.

Based on the strategic axes or projects of the cluster, alliances have been made with other companies in the region and the country, with Colombia Productiva and with the National Government, to develop new products or strengthen and sophisticate those that already exist, this with the in order to energize the sector’s strategies and reach new markets.

One of the businessmen who make up the Dairy Cluster is Jaber Pinilla, who assures that being part of this group means aiming for the growth of each of the companies. He also comments: “Since we have been in the Dairy Cluster, we have had growth. great thanks to the professionals who train us at the Chamber of Commerce, we have also achieved recognition in the local and national market.”

It is worth highlighting that the following initiatives are led by the CCMPC Cluster Community: Metalworking of Manizales and Caldas, Marketing Service Providers, Dairy of Caldas, Clothing and Fashion of Riosucio, IT – Mantix, Tourism of Manizales, Tourism Nature and Culture in the North of Caldas and Coffee in Caldas (in the process of consolidation); On the other hand, in the territory there are also cluster initiatives, led by other entities of the ecosystem, such as: Manizales Fashion System, Biotechnology, Manizales and Caldas Construction, and Musaceae and Snacks.

In this way, the invitation is extended to all entrepreneurs in the dairy industry who are not yet part of this great commitment to encourage them to form it and take their companies to other levels with the help of experts and other entrepreneurs who can contribute to them. Very valuable ideas from your experience.

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